Baby10 Baby Friendly Cakes in Singapore: Crepe Cakes, Pies And More!

10 Baby Friendly Cakes in Singapore: Crepe Cakes, Pies And More!

Choosing baby friendly cakes in Singapore might be something that can go overlooked, especially if you’re not super particular about the ingredients for baking. However, we all know how sensitive babies’ tummies can be – especially if they are 2 of under – baby friendly cakes in Singapore should be lower in sugar, and use whole or natural ingredients.

So if you’re on the hunt for a baby friendly cake for your little tot’s birthday, this page has got you covered.

1. Two Bake Boys: Artisan-Flavoured Crepe Cakes

Baby Friendly Cakes In Singapore: Two Bake Boys
Credit: Two Bake Boys

Having been featured in tons of food publications (starting with the likes of SethLui, 8Days, Miss Tam Chiak and more…), you can be sure Two Bake Boys is highly raved after. Not only do they specialise in crepe cakes, they also serve up artisan flavours such as Thai Tea, Caramel Biscoff, Lychee Rose, MSW Durian and more.

Of course, if you’re celebrating your baby’s birthday, you might want to consider their vegan eggless crepe cakes to go easy on the bellies.

Plus, if you sign up for a free membership, you get $4 off your first purchase!

Price: $89 (6-inch vegan crepe cake)

2. Elijah Pies: No Cakes, Pies Please!

Credit: Elijah Pies

For those who shudder at the thought of thick cream and milky flavours, the classy offerings at Elijah Pies may just be the perfect alternative for you. With 9 different artisanal flavours to choose from, their Wild Berry Lavender and Nutella Pies remain crowd favourites.

While their ingredients contain eggs, dairy, gelatinous and traces of nuts – please remember to specify if you have any dietary specifications for your baby!

Price: From $49 (9-inch pie)

3. Creme Maison: Customised Themed Cakes

Credit: Creme Maison (Spike Dino Safari Animal Cake)

If you’re looking for a customised cake for your baby’s birthday, then Creme Maison is your trusted pick. Apart from whole cakes, they also do offer cupcakes, as well as dessert table services – a fuss-free variety for party planning!

Whether you’re looking for dinosaur-themed, a teddy-bear shaped cake, balloons and flowers, unicorns, the possibilities at this bakery is endless! We will let photos and website testimonials speak for itself.

Price: Varies according to customisation preferences

4. Delcies: For Vegan-Friendly, Veto-Friendly, Low G.I Cakes

Credit: Delcies

Best known for their award-winning vegan friendly cakes, Delcies serves whole cakes which are verified low G.I, gluten free, keto-friendly, as well as baby-friendly. If you have a list of dietary preferences and want your cake to be tasty yet guilt-free, Delcies would be your go-to.

Besides, you can also send in your customisation requests for a unique cake that suits your baby’s personality and preferences!

Price: Varies according to customisation preferences

5. Lele Bakery: Cakes in Different Shapes and Forms!

Credit: Lele Bakery (Astronaut Earth Piñata Cake)

From Manchester United and Avengers to Mickey and Baby Shark, Lele Bakery is yet another bakery which offers customised cakes. Perhaps their unique selling point would be the variety of cake options they have – from cupcakes, mini bento cakes, normal customised cakes, piñata cakes, and more. The possibilities of the shape and form of cakes with Lele Bakery are endless!

Price: Varies according to customisation preferences

6. Bob The Baker Boy: For Low Sugar, Customised Cakes

Credit: Bob the Baker Boy

Similar to the other made-to-order bakeries such as Creme Maison, Lele Bakery and Delcies, Bob the Baker Boy does both customised and classic-design cakes. The upside is, with Bob the Baker Boy, you do not have to fuss about thinking of ideas for your baby’s cake – they have over 400 different designs from a list of customisation themes you can pick from (i.e. galaxy, occupation, floral, princess, etc).

Price: Varies according to customisation preferences

7. The Better Half: For Quality, Rustic-Artisanal Bakes

Credit: The Better Half

The Better Half is a rustic-artisan bake house run by a couple who believes in making all things fresh and quality. While customised cakes are not on the menu here, you can be sure the bakes you’d be getting are not mass-produced. If you’re in need of dietary requirements, feel free to specify those when ordering from them.

With fragrant flavours such as black sesame matcha, chocolate raspberry, chamomile honey, orange almond brown butter and more, you can expect classic taste profiles with a rustic twist with The Better Half!

Price: From $65 (6-inch cake)

8. Olsen Bake House: Artisanal Local Flavour Profiles

Credit: Olsen Bake House

Olsen Bake House is another bakery run by a couple who also believes in the intimacy of serving up humble and quality bakes. Using low sugar, they specialise in local flavour profiles such as Milo, Pulut Hitam, Pandan Chiffon Cake, Kopi, Orh Nee and more.

If you’re specifically looking for a baby cake smash ($56), they also have that option that you can immediately cart out. On the other hand, if you wish to top off the birthday dessert table with other bakes, Olsen Bake House also has vegan mochi donuts, scones, oatmeal raisin cookies, sugee cakes, and more.

Price: From $60 (5.5-inch cake)

9. Sweedy Pâtisserie: Macaron Cakes and MSW Crepes

Credit: Sweedy SG

Ever heard of a macaron cake? Well, us neither! This bakery offers what they call ‘fat-cararons’ – essentially flavoured macarons topped with thick cream flavours of pistachio, horlicks, earl grey milk tea, and more.

Plus, for families who are crazed about durians, Sweedy Pâtisserie also offers MSW crepe rolls, mousse cakes, crepe cakes, and the like.

Price: From $4.50 for a Fat-caron; From $48 for a MSW Mousse Cake (4-inch)

10. Cakes by

Credit: on Instagram

A local home-based bakery, on Instagram offers freshly-piped cakes. What might really catch your eye is how adept she is in animating and decorating the cakes (case in point – the penguin-shaped cake!) From astronauts and Pokemon to corgis and Winnie the Pooh, this bakery is one for those who love cutesy, vibrant decoration on your cakes!

Price: Varies according to customisation preferences

These days, it seems baby showers and baby birthday celebrations are an elaborate fair among parents. However, whether you’re intending to get a highly-customised cake from Creme Maison or a non-conventional pie for a cake from Elijah Pies, it really doesn’t matter.

After all, what counts most is spending it with your little tot and celebrating milestones together!


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