Toddler10 Fun & Educational Holiday Camps For Kids This June 2022

10 Fun & Educational Holiday Camps For Kids This June 2022

The upcoming June 2022 holidays just means it’s time to get planning again! With your little imps being at home all month round, it might help to book some holiday camps for kids – a win-win situation for all! 

With this list of 15 holiday camps for kids this June 2022, the biggest headache you’ll face is finding yourself being spoilt for choice. 

1. The Mindful Camp: Carnival or Adventure-Themed

This June 2022, The Mindful Camp is offering two different types of holiday camps for kids aged 5 to 12. 

For those who are intrigued by circus life and carnival entertainment, Theme A’s Carnenival Darenival will teach kids how to do magic tricks, juggling, and partake in carnival games. 

On the flip side, those who are feeling slightly more adventurous can opt for Theme B’s Island and Nature camps. Here, the kids can learn how to problem-solve with and hone their survival skills while camping out in nature. 

Holiday Camps For Kids
Credit: The Mindful Camp

Price: From $680 (5 days camp) 

Date: Varies according to camps

2. Aerial Yoga Mindfulness Holiday Camp

If you’ve missed this run of aerial yoga holiday camps for kids during the March holiday, good news is you can now catch it this June 2022!

During this camp, kids will learn the art of mindfulness – incorporated into mindful eating habits, yoga practices, as well as emotional self-regulation. There are 2 groups – one for kids aged 10 to 15 and the other for kids aged 7 to 12.

Credit: Mindful Space

Price: From $522 (3 days camp)

Date: Varies according to camps


3. Newtonshow Camp

For the budding young scientists who are looking to further their endeavours this June 2022, Newtonshow has a series of holiday camps for kids aged 3 to 13 years old.

With 3 different themes – Space Odyssey, Science Discovery and Harry Potter, each camp will provide participants with hands-on experiential learning on space, chemistry, astronomy, alchemy, and more!

Having several branches located in the East, West, and Central – the convenience of this camp will definitely be allow for a weight off your mind. However, do sign up quick as slots as filling up!

Credit: Newton Show Camp

Price: Unstated; Contact to enquire

Date: Varies according to camps


4. Camp Gungho

For a balanced learning, Camp Gungho’s Sentosa camp itinerary will be filled with fun consisting of arts and craft, sports and outdoor play, mindfulness activities, as well as STEM learning. Think fun and games such as graffiti art, tie-dye fashion, nerf battle, and more!

Over the 3-day camp (for kids 6 to 12 years old), not only will your kids pick up critical thinking skills and resourcefulness, but we’re sure they are going to make tons of friends this June 2022 as well.

Credit: Get Gungho

Price: $350 for early bird; $388 for regular fees

Date: June 14 to June 16 (9am to 3pm)


5. Helen O’ Grady Drama Camps

With 3 camps available for different age groups (lower primary, upper primary and youths), parents of with children aged 5 to 18 have yet another option to consider when picking out one of these holiday camps for kids!

Regardless of age, these drama camps aim to engage participants in fun-filled speech and drama activities, developing clear speech while instilling a sense of confidence when delivering their performances in front of crowds.

If entertainment and theatre is something your kid enjoys, this might be a worthwhile activity to spend their time this June 2022!

Credit: Helen O’ Grady

Price: $405

Date: 6 to 8 June (Lower Primary); 13 to 15 June (Upper Primary and Youths)


6. Little Forest Learning Boxes

While this might not be the typical holiday camps for kids, these learning boxes are perfect for parents who prefer to spend time home with your little tots in a socially-distanced manner.

Catered for children aged 1 to 3 years old, each box comes with 6 days worth of art and craft activities – with 4 outer-space themed ones, and 2 science activity kits. Every DIY kit comes along with instruction sheets too!

Price: $25 (additional $5 for door step delivery)


7. UFIT Sports Camps: Sports for Life, Rugby, Tennis, MMA

Guaranteed to expend your kids energies, UFIT’s sports camps are broken up into 4 different categories. According to their interests, you can pick from sports for life, rugby, tennis or MMA.

Depending on your child’s athletic ability, age, and goals, all participants will be split into their designated groups to ensure a productive yet fun experience during this holiday camp!

Date: Varies according to camps

Price: Unstated; Contact to enquire

Link: UFIT Sports Camps

8. GIM Sports Camp

With holiday camps for kids running throughout June 2022 from 30 May till 24 June, the activities planned aim to develop gymnastic skills of participants, improving their strength, flexibility and cardio fitness levels.

Apart from these physiological benefits, GIM Sports also aims to develop children’s social skills, confidence levels and teamwork through gymnastic activities, climbing, and bouncy trampoline playgrounds.

Credit: GIM Sports

Date: Varies according to camps

Price: Unstated; Contact to enquire

Link: GIM Sports Camps

9. Little Artists Art Studio: Creative Art Programmes

It’s time to unleash the little Picasso’s and Da Vinci’s this June 2022! With a repertoire of art holiday camps for kids, your children can pick from lessons honing skills for clay sculpturing, oil painting, sketching, sculpture and construction, cartoon, and many more!

Suitable for children aged 2.5 years and above, parents who are more comfortable staying home might also be glad to hear that there are online classes available for these camps.

Date: Varies according to camps

Price: Varies according to camps


10. Outdoor School Singapore

Inculcating a love for the outdoors from a young age, Outdoor School Singapore has 5 different holiday camps for kids who are itching for an adventure this June 2022. From Jungle and Wetland Rescuers to Water Trekkers, Forest Scouts and Kampong Kakis, these camps will take participants through different terrains and environments.

Depending on the camp, your kids will learn about the different flora and fauna, wildlife, survival skills, water safety and the mangrove ecosystem through interactive activities.

Credit: Outdoor School SG

Date: Varies according to camps

Price: From $330

Link: Outdoor School Programmes

Whether your child is interested in something a little more outdoorsy or if they prefer to geek out on science and magic, we’re sure this list of holiday camps for kids offers something here for everyone! It’s time to get out there and have a whale of time this June 2022!

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