Baby28 Meaningful Singaporean Chinese Names For Baby Girls

28 Meaningful Singaporean Chinese Names For Baby Girls

Here in Singapore, we already know the significance of choosing Chinese names for baby girls transcends mere formality; it’s a cherished cultural tradition.

More than just identifiers for a new human being, Chinese names for baby girls are supposed to embody family values, and a reflection of the individual’s personality, aspirations, and even… fortune or destiny! (It is no wonder that some parents outsource this responsibility to fortune tellers)

Since these names are meant to be unique, it makes sense for parents to dive into months of research just to avoid calling their babies Xiao Ming or Xiao Li.

The Structure Of A Good Chinese Name

Now, before we give you this listicle, here’s a quick understanding of what Chinese names for baby girls typically consist of – usually with 3 characters in our names as follow:

chinese names for baby girls: name structure

While names with 2 characters also exist, this is more common in mainland China than here in Singapore. The ‘spreading character’ we see here is normally consistent among the family, while the last character is distinct for each child (e.g. An Ru, An Qi, etc.)

With this comprehensive explanation, let’s dive into 28 Meaningful Singaporean Chinese Names for Baby Girls (of course, 8 for huat!)

  1. Yi Jie (仪洁)
    While “” refers to elegance and rites, “” means pure and untarnished. For parents hoping your baby girl grows up with dignity, grace and a pristine presence, this is the perfect name for her.
  2. Wan Ting (婉婷)
    Both characters in this name are often associated with grace, gentleness and elegance. Embodying elegance and charm, it is not a surprise that this isn’t an uncommon name among Chinese babies in Singapore.
  3. Xin Yu (欣羽)
    With a nice ring to this name, “” carries the meaning of joyfulness and delights, while “” means feather or wing – associated with freedom and lightness. This name is great for parents who want their baby girl to grow up being free-spirited in nature, bringing about a light delight.
  4. Mei Ling (美玲)
    While “美” conveys a sense of aesthetic beauty, “玲” refers to the sound of tinkling or jingling, often associated with clarity. Together, this name combines beauty and clarity – suggesting someone with both grace and inner refinement.
  5. Xin Yi (心怡)
    With a name meaning “joyful heart,” she brings happiness and positivity to those around her. This name essentially reflects a person with harmonious intention, embodying an inner peace and contentment!
  6. Hui Min (慧敏)
    Quick-witted and intelligent, 慧敏 is meant for a girl blessed with sharp intellect and wisdom. My auntie is named Hui Min – so I can attest to the accuracy of this translation!
  7. Jia Hui (佳慧)
    As we’ve learnt from the above name, “” refers to intelligence and wisdom. When combined with the character “” which means good and generally positive, Jia Hui hopefully embodies virtues of goodness and smarts.
  8. Yan Yan (嫣嫣)
    As Chinese people believe – auspicious occasions always comes in pairs. In this case, the repetition doubles up as the emphasis of quality and poetic effect. This name denotes a sense of charm and grace!
  9. Yu Xuan (雨萱)
    Interesting, “” is actually a type of plant which is often known for its enduring strength. For a plant to survive the rain, Yu Xuan is a name which would be perfect for someone who brings vitality and strength into any room she steps in.
  10. Rui En (瑞恩)
    For Mediacorp fans, you’ve probably already heard of this name. With a name meaning “auspicious kindness,” Rui En is named to be a bearer of good fortune and compassion.
  11. Li Wei (丽薇)
    Another delicate-sounding name, “Li Wei” is a combination of “丽” which means elegance while “薇” refers to a type of fern that’s graceful and resilient.
  12. Yi Ting (怡婷)
    ” is a common character used in Singaporean Chinese girl names! It’s used to signify a charming and beautiful appearance. On the other hand, “” carries a sense of happiness. Together, this is for a newborn who brings a delightful, joyful presence.
  13. Chen Xi (晨曦)
    Directly translated into “the first light of day,” this name is a personal favourite! It’s almost reminiscent of a new hope, and a person with bright and radiant presence. Chen Xi definitely brings warmth and positivity into the lives of others.
  14. Xiu Ying (秀颖)
    A name that combines grace () and intelligence (), Xiu Ying is a girl with both beauty and brains. Surely, she’ll take on the world with her charming presence and convicting intelligence!
  15. Jing Wen (静雯)
    With both characters referring to demeanours that are both calm and gentle, Jing Wen is a girl who radiates tranquility and poise. This is yet another familiar name among the Chinese community!
  16. Qing Yu (晴雨)
    This is a poetic name which literally translates into “clear skies after the rain”. With that visual imagery, it’s hard not to imagine that Qing Yu symbolises values of hope and optimism.
  17. Xin Hui (欣慧)
    Again, “慧” is a very common character – if you remember, signifying intelligence. Coupled with ““, it is in the hopes that Xin Hui grows to be a joyous and bright presence for people around her.
  18. Ruo Yun (若云)
    Ruo Yun directly translates to “like a cloud”; just like a cloud that’s gentle and soft, Ruo Yun is a name for parents who aspire their baby girls to grow up being soft in demeanour and encapsulate serenity.
  19. An Ning (安宁)
    With both characters signifying peace and tranquility, An Ning brings a calming influence wherever she goes.

    Funny story: I do have a friend called An Ning, who’s the opposite of peaceful – although, we still love her for the chaos and energy she brings!
  20. Xiao Qing (晓晴)
    Similar to the previous name (晨曦), this name carries the identical meaning of morning light. However, there’s a slight nuance here – with “晴” meaning clarity. As such, Xiao Qing symbolises a girl who brings clarity and freshness like the morning light.
  21. Zhen Hui (珍惠)
    Think “” – as in zhēn zhū (pearl), it is no surprise that this character signifies something that’s cherished. On the other hand, “惠” means kindness. Together, this name signifies a girl who cherishes kindness, and also is cherished by others around her.
  22. Ling Yue (灵悦)
    Directly translated to “spiritually joyful”, Ling Yue represents a girl with a cheerful and uplifting nature.
  23. Xin Yue (心悦)
    Yet another “” – as we know, meaning heart’s delight (joy), Xin Yue represents a girl whose strength lies in her joyful and intelligent nature, creating a delightful presence for those around her.
  24. Yun Xuan (韵璇)
    ” means melodious while “” means beautiful jade. With both characters pointing towards art forms, Yun Xuan conveys a graceful melody that’s elegant with a harmonious, beautiful presence.

    (However… your child may question you about the choice of complicated characters she’ll have to write over and over in the future)
  25. Qian Yi (千怡)
    Thousand joys, Qian Yi symbolises a girl who brings boundless happiness and delight.
  26. Ling Qiao (灵巧)
    A name with both characters embodying strength, wit, and intelligence, Ling Qiao represents a girl with a sharp mind, clever instincts, and resilient strength in facing challenges.
  27. Yi Mei (毅梅)
    “毅” means to be resolute and determined while “梅” literally refers to a plum. Did you know? A plum tree symbolises perseverance and hope, as well as the ability to blossom despite adverse circumstances.

    As such, Yi Mei is a name for a girl who exhibits resilience, keen intellect, and the enduring beauty of a plum blossom.
  28. Zhi Rong (智蓉)
    With a name which combined both intelligence and grace, Zhi Rong is the epitome of a girl who possesses both mental acuity and inner strength, creating a harmonious blend of wisdom and resilience.

Given the many meaningful and poetic characters in Mandarin, the quest for the perfect Chinese names for baby girls are a challenge! Not only is it a dilemma, it is also a sentimental and heartfelt journey for parents.

This list is by no means a must-follow. Instead, feel free to use it as a guide! If you’ve found any character which has inspired or moved you, it might even be best for you to mix around the characters – after all, it is your baby girl whom you’re naming. Her name should be unique and reflects the parental love between you and your partner.

We also have a guide on meaningful names for Chinese boys – check it out here!


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