Baby3 Practical Ways To Raise A Screen-Free, Happy Baby (A Singaporean Mom's...

3 Practical Ways To Raise A Screen-Free, Happy Baby (A Singaporean Mom’s Guide)

Hey there, fellow Singaporean mamas! Raising a child in Singapore as a working parent is no easy feat, isn’t it? We come home from work exhausted, and sometimes all we want to do is let our babies watch the phone or TV just for a few minutes of peace.

But lately, I’ve been learning a lot about the impact of screen time on babies’ developing brains – and the long-term effects of over-exposure to the screen are quite surprising!

Why Your Baby Always Seems ‘Hypnotized’ By The Screen

Have you ever realized that our babies seem to be ‘hypnotized’ by the screen? Once we switch on shows like ‘Cocomelon’, they are totally entranced. The flashing images and catchy songs are designed to keep our children watching, and this can easily lead to overstimulation.

When this happens, a few bad things can happen to our baby’s development:

  • Language delay and decreased attention span
  • Poorer social and emotional skills
  • More tantrums and mood swings

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As you can see, giving our children (especially if they are between 0 to 3) the screen is something that we should avoid as much as possible. But easier said than done right?

Well, after some trial-and-error and applying what I’ve learned from the webinar, here are 3 practical tips that have worked well for me and my baby.

Tip #1: Do Not Mix Screen Time And Meal Time!

Meal time is probably the most common time where parents whip out their phones or the iPad. I understand, it pacifies your child and makes meal time go by much smoother.

But once you start doing this, your child will start demanding for the screen during EVERY meal! And this causes many more problems down the road.

Firstly, we need to acknowledge that the dinner table is a place for social interaction. Meals with the family should NOT be rushed! Take the time to talk about the day with your spouse, talk to your baby, instead of having the mentality that meal time should be completed as quickly as possible.

You see, the problem usually starts from us: As adults, many of us are guilty of using our phones while we eat. Our babies see this, and naturally they will want the screen too.

So parents, the first step is to stop using our phones during meal times and really focus on interacting with our families.

Next, something that has really helped me was finding a ‘safe’ food that my child was happy to play with during meal time. For my child, it was giving him a teething biscuit at each meal. This would keep him entertained for most of the meal, and he slowly began to stop asking for the screen once we set this routine.

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Tip #2: Don’t Remove Screen Time All At Once

One common mistake that parents make is removing the screen completely, all-at-once. For most babies, they will kick up a huge fuss because routines are comforting to babies – and if screen time was previously part of their routine, it will be very upsetting for them.

So, come up with a plan to progressively reduce the screen every day. Here’s what worked for my baby:

  1. If your baby or toddler has already been exposed to the screen, identify when they demand for the screen the most. For my baby, it was always during mealtime.
  2. Play your baby’s favourite video or playlist as usual, but start it 5 minutes before the end of the video or playlist. Once it concludes, tell your baby that’s all for today and remove the screen. If your baby is used to watching the screen for a longer time, adjust the timer accordingly.
  3. Find something that your baby will enjoy playing with in place of screen time, and make this a routine. For my baby, he enjoys playing with teething biscuits so we would only provide them during mealtime. This sets a routine to slowly phase out screen time.

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Tip #3: Be Realistic But Persistent!

As mentioned above, our babies love routines – and once a habit or routine has been established, it can be very difficult for both parent and child to change things up. Same goes for screen time!

Don’t expect screen time to be eliminated completely within a week. Some babies can adapt quickly, but most will take more time. It took me almost 3 weeks to comfortably remove screen time for my baby!

Also, even though you can control screen time at home, it’s very different outside.

Your baby will constantly see people (children included) on their phones – and naturally your child will begin asking for the phone too.

As a parent, you’ll know when your child is ready for the screen – usually, this is once your child is able to display a high level of self-control and discipline.

But until then, you’ll have to be persistent and explain to your child in your own way why you cannot give them the screen.

My sister does a great job at this – whenever her 5 year-old asks why he can’t use the screen she’ll ask him ‘You know mama loves you right? That’s why I can’t let you have the phone now. But we can look at it together when we’re home okay?”

At the end of the day, just be persistent and your child will learn to adapt too.

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Take Steps Now, And Raise A Curious Learner For Life!

The first few months of a baby’s life are crucial for brain development. By creating a stimulating and screen-free environment, we can nurture their curiosity, promote healthy social interaction, and set them on the path for lifelong learning.

Remember, mamas, even small changes can make a big difference. So while it may be difficult, every step counts – trust me!

I’m already seeing how my little one has become more curious about the world around him now that we’ve removed the screen. And amazingly, he’s become much more sociable too!

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