Toddler8 Cycling Trails for Kids In Singapore (#3 Even Has Lalang Fields!)

8 Cycling Trails for Kids In Singapore (#3 Even Has Lalang Fields!)

Did you know? We might be seeing a total of 55km of new cycling paths across our neighbourhood estates! The goal is essentially to double our cycling network to 1300km by 2030.

With increasingly accessible cycling amenities, this is surely a new mode of transport and family-friendly activity that you wanna consider! If you’re on the lookout for family-friendly outdoor activities that blend both fun and fitness, then keep reading! This list will ready you for a thrilling adventure this weekend with your little ones.

Buckle up, parents, as we unveil the cycling trails for kids and picturesque spots perfect for bonding moments.

1. Changi Bay Park Connector Network: Almost Like A Jeju Island Getaway

Recently opened to the public in January, Changi Bay PCN is located near the coastline. As part of the 75-km long Eastern Half route of the Round Island Route, this park connector spans across Sengkang, East Coast Park and Singapore River. 

With views that reminisce Jeju Island (as endearingly coined by fellow cyclists), this trail covers approximately 7 kilometres of coastal landscapes.

Cycling Trails For Kids Change Bay Park Connector Network
Credits: Tiffany Tan from SG PCN Facebook Group 

With well-paved paths and minimal inclines, this one’s easy for the kids (and tired parents…) Notable milestones include the iconic Changi Point Coastal Walk, where you can pause to take in the views of the sea and passing ships.

2. Changi Jurassic Mile Park Connector: Dino-Themed!

Credit: Singapore Changi Airport

Ideal for cyclists of all ages, the trail unveils life-sized dinosaur installations, adding a whimsical touch to the ride. For kids who’re obsessed with dino parks, this activity is guaranteed to keep them excited.

The Changi Jurassic Mile cycling route starts from this terminal and spans about 10km to East Coast Park. Plus, this activity is made easier with convenient GoCycling kiosks located at Terminal 2 Hub & Spoke, #01-T2S-03 which are available for rent!

3. Lorong Halus Park Connector: Pasir Ris to Punggol Waterway Park

Embark on a picturesque cycling escapade along the Lorong Halus Park Connector, connecting Pasir Ris to the enchanting Punggol Waterway Park. An easy 6km ride, this scenic route is easily manageable for kids and adults alike.

If you’re riding from Pasir Ris, you’ll first pass by the farm ways – nostalgic and tucked away from the bustling civilisation of the Eastern estate.

Credit: My Favourite Hangouts WordPress

Follow along the straight gravel road and you’ll soon be met with a scenic oasis here at Lorong Halus Wetland, where you’ll be met with tall Lalang plants and vast greenery. Did you know? This is actually used as a water treatment plant area for NEWater.

P.S. Do lookout for some wild dogs!

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Credit: PUB

After taking a short stop at the wetlands, your next destination will be Lorong Halus’ iconic Red Bridge! Snap some photos here and take in the serene, peaceful waters before heading back. Alternatively, you can continue cycling ahead, where you’ll reach Coney Island!

Credit: TimeOut

4. Coney Island: A North-Eastern Getaway

A continuation to our previous post, for those who’re on a solely North-Eastern adventure, take a serene 5-kilometer cycling adventure through Singapore’s Coney Island.

Credit: National Parks Board

This easy trail unfolds amidst lush greenery, featuring the iconic Coney Island Bridge and offering picturesque views of mangroves and coastlines.

Credit: AsiaOne

This is a route ideal for riders of all levels, making it very family-friendly. For a highly accessible route, you may be pleasantly surprised at how this cycling trail can make you feel like you’re overseas!

5. Pulau Ubin: Immerse Yourself In Culture & Nature

Explore this island on bike via the Ketam Mountain Bike Park trail. Although it may sound rather intimidating, fear not – this 10km trail is suitable for riders for all ages and skill levels. With well-maintained paths and minimal elevation, parents do not have to fear taking your kids here!

Credit: The Travel Intern

Enjoy the scenic ride through lush forests, mangroves and even traditional villages! Some significant landmarks are the Ketam Quarry and charming Chek Jawa Wetlands.

For a full scoop of all the adventures you can seek out by bike, check out this article here.

6. St John’s and Lazarus Island: A Quick Escapade

For a cycling escapade, visit St. John’s Island and Lazarus, where tranquility meets tropical beauty. The leisurely trail spans around 5km here, making it a breeze of a ride for all family members!

Both islands are connected by a bridge! It’s a freeing feeling to ride down this connector – enjoying seaside views and the strong breezy wind.

Credit: Freepik

If you’re up for it, remember to pack some snacks for Lazarus Beach for a cute little picnic (and perhaps a swim as well) Otherwise, continue riding through the lush greenery and rich biodiversity (lots of monkeys!).

Credit: Singapore Island Cruise

Other activities along the way you can stop for include bird watching, taking in the panoramic views atop the hilly cliffs.

Credit: Wild Shores of Singapore

7. East Coast to Marina Bay: City Lights & Landscape

To switch things up a little, take a ride from East Coast to Marina Bay. Along the ride, it’ll promise picturesque views of landmarks like the Bedok Jetty, and stunning city skyline as you approach Marina Bay – not forgetting Marina Barrage.

Credit: Livelo Bike Rental

If the little tots are getting hungry somewhere between the 10km ride, of course there’s also East Coast Lagoon Food Village and Satay By The Bay to keep the family satiated!

With the laid-back vibes of the coast Park Connectors, this trail is super easy and mindless, making it a favourite trail for many leisurely cyclists!

8. Seletar Aerospace Park: Cycle to Brunch!

Another favourite by cyclists, Seletar Aerospace is a highly-frequently area – mostly because of its open spaces and undisrupted roads. However, getting to this route may require riding on (empty) roads for a little bit. As an alternative, we highly recommend families to ride on the pavements and use the traffic lights!

The Seletar Aerospace Park features a delightful trail spanning 5km. Here, you can pedal through lush greenery where you’ll discover The Oval – a scenic spot for family picnics and a quick break!

Credit: The Smart Local

If you’re hungry, there are also many brunch spots in this area for you to take your pick from.


From the coastal charm of East Coast Park to the playful dinos at Changi Jurassic Mile, these cycling trails for kids provide family-friendly adventures. Whether you decide to wander into Pulau Ubin’s tranquility or bask in the sun on St. John’s Island, each route promises a blend of fun and discovery!

Now it’s time to grab your helmets, round up the family, and roll into and unforgettable moments for the family with these cycling trails for kids.


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