Preschooler16 Fun Indoor and Outdoor Activities For Kids In Singapore This November

16 Fun Indoor and Outdoor Activities For Kids In Singapore This November

As another term holiday comes round the corner this end month, here’s a round-up of 16 exciting activities for kids in Singapore this November.

Be it carnivals, pop-up events or musicals – most of these activities are time sensitive, so you can be sure that other eager parents are snagging up their first-come-first-serve spots!

Activities for kids in Singapore: November Carnivals

1. Mega Carnival @ Downtown East

For the Easties and even Northies, Downtown East is once again hosting their Mega Carnival at D’Marquee. With over 20 games stations and rides to look forward to, you can expect VR adventures and motion experiences. While it may not be massive, your kids will surely still have lots of fun here for at least 2 to 3 hours!

Credit: Trip Singapore

Date: 19 Nov 2022 to 5 Feb 2023
Location: Downtown East, D’Marquee
Tickets: $25 (Early Bird Tickets)

2. T-3 Underground Carnival

Credit: Changi Airport

Taking reference from the Golden Era of “The Great World”, T3’s underground themed carnival 3 different worlds: the past, the modern present, as well as the future.

With over 30 carnival rides and game booths, expect to be step into different timezones as you experience the nostalgic spinning tea cups and Uncle Ringo rides. Progress into the future with a neon-lighted go-kart with disco lights and sounds.

While this is free for admission, carnival credits for required for games, rides and snacks – to be purchased through the iChangi app or ticketing booths.

Date: 4 Nov 2022 to 2 Apr 2023
Location: Terminal 3 Changi Airport, Basements 2 and 3
Tickets: Free admission, carnival credits required

3. Jumptopia Festive Village

Credit: Kidztopia

Wrapping up the year in a jolly manner, Jumptopia is a 45,000 square feet market which features super cute Christmas-themed mega inflatable playgrounds. Here, you can also expect stage performances as well as a market where you can purchase little moments or refreshments.

Besides, what better way than to complete the Christmas experience than with an indoor snow play area?

Date: 22 Nov 2022 to 3 Jan 2023
Location: Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Hall C
Tickets: From $29.50 (Early Bird)

4. EarthFest 2022

Held over 2 days from 9am to 5pm, EarthFest is a sustainability event which promotes a plant-based and zero-waste cause. Here, your kids can learn through fun workshops, farm tours, talks. There will also be a food market where you can enjoy all the goodies – so be sure to bring your own cutlery and bags!

Date: 12 & 13 Nov
Location: City Sprouts, 102 Henderson Road – Sprouts Hub

Activities For Kids In Singapore: November Pop-up Themed Events

5. Relieve Nostalgia with Doraemon’s Exhibition

Credit: Doraemon Exhibition

If you’ve grown up watching and reading this blue smiley cat, then this exhibition is something you’d definitely want to catch with your kids.

With Singapore as Doraemon’s first overseas showcase, the Doraemon Drawing Exhibition will feature both original and modern-day Doraemon drawings from 28 different artists. There will also be exclusive collectibles on sale, and a Doraemon Cafe for you to be fully immersed in its world.

Date: 5 Nov 2022 to 5 Feb 2023
Location: National Museum of Singapore
Tickets: From $30

6. Find Rare Pokemons at Pokemon GO! Safari Zone

The perfect activity to clock in some steps while encountering some Pokemons such as the Flying Pikachu, Lapras and Shiny Purrloin! Over the period of 3 days, take your family and head down to Gardens by the Bay. Take on the Pokemon GO! challenge to see who’s the luckiest Pokemon catcher!

Date: 18 to 20 Nov
Location: Gardens by the Bay
Tickets: From $17 (General Admission)

7. Encounter the Mystical World of Avatar: The Experience

Credit: 8 Days Singapore

Inspired by the mystical world of Avatar, this immersive experience will take you through wondrous world of both sea and land. As you walk through 5 different zones, you’ll engage with bio-luminescent environments, creatures, and nature – almost as if you’re encountering Avatar’s World yourself!

Date: From 28 Oct
Location: Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay
Tickets: From $23 (Child); $27 (Adult)

8. Sentosa GrillFest

Credit: Discover SG

In this foodie land, there’s no better theme to follow suit than a food-themed one. Over the next few weekends, Sentosa welcomes all islanders with a barbecue festival – where you can find juicy smoked meats, desserts and be entertained by live performances.

This is also the perfect time to catch free Movies by the Beach, as well as iClaw machines at the Emerald Pavillion. Surely going to be a happening weekend for the family!

Date: 21 Oct to 13 Nov (Friday to Sunday)
Location: Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay

Activities For Kids In Singapore: November Musicals

9. Be Enchanted by the Sound of Music

Credit: Sound of Music

Opening on 22 November, this classic is already selling like hot cakes! No surprise as Sound of Music surely isn’t a new title in the scene for most of us. Awarded by the Grammy’s and having acclaimed Best Musical awards, this is a heartwarming real-life story of a family of singers who find themselves navigating through post-war devastation with love, and more music.

Date: From 22 Nov
Location: Sands Theatre
Tickets: From $74.20

10. Slava’s Snowshow

Credit: Slava’s Snowshow UK

Another family-friendly classic since the 90’s, Slava’s Snowshow tells the story of friendship, imagination and navigating feelings of loneliness. While these may sound like abstract concepts, the storytelling is done in a child-like manner – featuring exaggerated snowstorms, a giant spider web and clowns.

A warm welcome for those who like celebrating the snowy season early.

Date: 2 to 13 Nov
Location: Sands Theatre
Tickets: From $58

11. Catch Pinnochio’s Growing Nose

Credit: Coconuts Singapore

Apart from the internationally-acclaimed musicals, here’s to supporting local as well. The cheeky story of Pinocchio and his misadventures will be played out live at Wild Rice this year end. A story which celebrates family, friendship and the self, this is a narrative which will teach children the importance of being authentic, brave and kind.

Date: 17 Nov to 24 Dec
Location: Wild Rice, Funan
Tickets: From $25

12. Pirates! The Musical

A smaller scale production, this one’s for the kids who enjoy a good old adventure which features a mighty pirate crew. If your children have been obsessing over Pirates of the Carribeans, then Pirates! The Musical is probably something they would equally enjoy – to see the one-eyed men up close in action. Plus… it’s free!

Date: 18 Nov
Location: Singapore American School
Ticket: Free

Activities For Kids In Singapore: November Outdoor Activities

13. Go Cycling at St. John’s Island

Credit: The Travel Intern

Finally… the long-awaited Bike Rental Kiosk on St. John’s Island has made its return since Covid days! Now, you can rent a bike for 2 hours at $25, and tour both the Southern Islands. With many serene spots and lush greenery, we’d highly recommend this activity for one of the weekends where you need some timeout from the bustling city.

Bring your picnic mats, lay out in the sun, enjoy the breeze, go fishing – the world is simply your oyster.

14. Mangrove Kayaking at Pulau Ubin

Credit: Seek Sophie

If you’d like to take the family pet out on an adventure too, this Pulau Ubin Mangrove Kayak experience will be an awesome pick. Also suitable for kids aged 4 and above, during this guide, you’ll get to see kelongs unclose, and get to learn about the biodiversity of our local mangroves.

Both fun and educational, there’s nothing better than to be one with nature for a weekend retreat.

From heartwarming musicals and fun festivals to the educational outdoors, we’re sure this suggestion will fulfil your lined-up itinerary during this year-end holiday!


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