ToddlerAqua Adventure Singapore: 6 Exciting Activities For The Kids!

Aqua Adventure Singapore: 6 Exciting Activities For The Kids!

Aqua Adventure Singapore offers a unique and exciting experience for visitors of all ages. Start your adventure in this first and largest indoor water park. Let’s explore what makes Aqua Adventure Singapore such a fantastic destination for water enthusiasts.

Black Hole Aqua Tube

Photo Credit: HomeTeam NS

The Black Hole Aqua Tube is sure to be a thrilling ride for the little ones, and the young-at-heart. This is currently the longest indoor slide in Singapore, so this attraction alone makes Aqua Adventure Singapore worth visiting!

While a majority of the slide is in pitch-black darkness, there are many sections where light shines through so you’ll still be able to to keep your sense of direction in this thrilling ride.

Your child will be able to enjoy this ride as long as he or she is above 1.25m tall, and at least 30kg.

Laze Pool

Photo Credit: HomeTeam NS

After a tiring adventure, chill here and bring back your energy. Get a good view of others having their adventure while taking a rest on the floating platforms.

While resting, kids can enjoy watching the hourly games such as Tug-O-War and Captain’s Ball organized by the staff. 

Double Trouble Aqua Tube

Photo Credit: HomeTeam NS

Keep the thrill going with the 112-metre Double Trouble Aqua Tube. Go with your kid down the slide as you can choose to slide down alone or have more fun with a partner. 

Aqua Course

Photo Credit: HomeTeam NS

Experience this one-of-a-kind water obstacle course. Test your endurance and challenge yourself hurdling through the course while getting splashed with water.

More Activities to Try

Scramble Net

Photo Credit: SG Magazine

Scramble your way through the nets, crawl through the tunnels, and swing from bars. Make yourself ready because this dry activity is more challenging than it looks.

Go through the orange tunnel and complete the course going clockwise until the pink tunnel.

This course is totally safe because the layout of the nets is designed to cushion participants in the event that they fall or has difficulty going through.

Clockwork Towers

Photo Credit: SG Magazine

Climb up this fun wall with 5 lanes. One of the lanes has rotating steps which makes it more challenging. This is suitable for all ages so you will surely have an amazing time with your family and friends.

Getting There

Aqua Adventure is located on the 2nd level of the Bedok Reservoir clubhouse. To get there, you can take the nearest MRT station which is Bedok North. From there, take a walk for 9 minutes via Bedok North Rd. You can also take the Bus 137 and be there in 6 minutes on foot.

Things to Note

Operating hours:

Aqua Adventure opens from Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 am- 3 pm and 4 pm – 9 pm. You can book online here

Attire Requirement:

Wear the proper swim attire such as comfortable wet swimwear, dri-fit t-shirt with shorts, and wet shoes which are provided.

Health Risk:

The activities at Aqua Adventure are not recommended for people with heart conditions or who had a stroke, or on medical drugs that cause drowsiness. These are also not recommended for pregnant women, recovering from major fractures and those under the influence of alcohol.

Age Requirements:

It is open for all ages provided that children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by the parent or guardian.


This first indoor water adventure park is a must-visit place. It offers families a great venue for unique water activities and experiences. Bond with your friends here and you will surely not have a single boring minute. This is perfect for summer getaways but you will also find this place exciting at other times of the year. Keep your adventures going at Aqua Adventure Park.


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