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7 Best Places For Affordable Baby Clothes In Singapore

Getting the best baby clothes for your child doesn’t have to be expensive. Babies grow super fast too, so splurging on high-end baby clothes may not be a great financial decision. But, that doesn’t mean that affordable baby clothes in Singapore aren’t stylish nor comfortable – there are plenty of options for these!

Whether you’re looking for eco-friendly baby clothes or matching baby clothes to pair with mom & dad, here are 7 places to buy affordable baby clothes in Singapore.

1. Uniqlo

Credit: Uniqlo Singapore

Uniqlo is probably the most popular fast-fashion brand in Singapore for adults. With Uniqlo’s AIRism technology, their clothes are perfect for Singapore’s hot and humid weather. But did you know that Uniqlo also carries affordable baby clothes in Singapore?

Uniqlo’s baby clothes are our #1 pick because they are so affordable. While their designs may be less fancy than baby clothes carried in boutique stores, they make up for it with comfort and affordability. Yes, there’s an AIRism line for their baby clothes too! Your baby’s comfort is top priority and Uniqlo’s AIRism line will help to ensure your baby is cool and comfortable.

Uniqlo carries affordable baby clothes in Singapore for newborns and toddlers aged 0-6 months and 6-18 months.

Click here to check out Uniqlo’s online shop!

2. Little Kooma

Credit: Little Kooma

You might have heard of Little Kooma, which is a popular fashion brand with carries affordable baby clothes in Singapore. Their clothes are very reasonably-priced. For example, you can buy a set of 3 baby bodysuits for just under $20!

What we love about Little Kooma is that they carry everything else from baby wipes, to baby training chopsticks, to baby changing mats – making their store a convenient place to get everything you need.

If you’re planning to purchase from Little Kooma, do keep an eye out for their sales which they have quite frequently. It’s also a fun place to purchase themed baby clothes from (for example, they are selling adorable baby cheongsams in time for CNY).

Click here to check out Little Kooma’s online shop!


Credit: OETEO

If you’re looking baby clothes that are a little more stylish then you might want to check out OETEO! While a little pricier than others in this list, they still do carry affordable baby clothes in Singapore. As a gauge, they are currently selling a set of 3 baby bodysuits for a discounted price of $30. Not the cheapest, but still pretty affordable.

OETEO’s baby clothes have super cute designs, and the colours on their baby clothes really pop – making it easy to take adorable pictures of your little one, dressed to impress.

Their baby bodysuits are popular, because they don’t have zips, snaps or buttons to maximize your baby’s comfort. The waist, neck and shoulder areas of their baby bodysuits are super stretchy for fuss-free dressing. They have sales frequently too, so check them out once in a while for stylish and affordable baby clothes in Singapore.

Click here to check out OETEO’s online shop!

4. Next

Credit: Next Retail Ltd.

Next is a retailer similar to ASOS which sells clothes from their own in-house brand plus other brands too. This means that there is a huge selection of affordable baby clothes that you can find on this site. To give you an idea of their pricings, you can get a set of 3 baby bodysuits at around $30.

As mentioned, the benefit of shopping here is that you gain access to lots of other brands as well – making it very easy to fill up your baby’s entire wardrobe.

Other than affordable baby clothes in Singapore, Next also sells clothes for men and women too, including maternity wear, formal wear, sleeping attire and more. So when you’re shopping for your baby’s clothes here, you might as well pick up a few items for yourself and the hubby/wifey too!

Click here to check out Next’s online shop!

5. The Wild Bub

Credit: The Wild Bub

Are you looking for a brand that pushes for sustainable, organic and eco-friendly products? If so, then check out The Wild Bub! The Wild Bub aims to bring affordable and stylish clothes for babies and toddlers while being as green as possible.

As it is, eco-friendly and organic fashion is typically more expensive, but what The Wild Bub has is still very reasonably priced. For example, you can get a set of 2 baby bodysuits that are 100% organic for just $41. Because of the quality of the cotton, these are super comfy and gentle on your baby’s skin.

The Wild Bub also sells baby toys, bath accessories and clothes and more – so you can easily pick up other essentials for your baby while shopping here.

Click here to check out The Wild Bub’s online shop!

6. Lamalolly

Credit: Lamalolly

Remember FOX Kids & Baby? The fast-fashion brand used to have several stores throughout Singapore, but over the years they’ve had to close their physical stores. Back in the day, many parents would frequent FOX Kids & Baby for stylish but affordable baby clothes.

However, they’ve since moved online and you can now purchase them from online retailer Lamalolly. Lamalolly carries FOX Kids & Baby amongst other baby clothing brands so you will be spoilt for choice if you’re looking for affordable baby clothes in Singapore.

For example, you can get a set of 3 baby bodysuits for just $20, if they are on sale – which is truly a steal! They also have sales very often, so if you’re looking to get even more affordable baby clothes in Singapore, check out their store during festive or sales seasons.

Click here to check out Lamalolly’s online shop!

7. Misty Daydream

Credit: Misty Daydream

If you’re looking for a place to buy matching outfits for the entire family, then check out Misty Daydream! They sell customizable matching sets that cater to different special occasions. For example, they currently have Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day sets where you can customize names or words on the clothes.

Despite the customization available, the clothes are still pretty affordable. For example, a baby bodysuit where you can customize the message and font colour is just $19.90. If you get one shirt for mom, one shirt for dad and one for baby, that’s just under $60 – not bad!

So if you’re looking for affordable baby clothes in Singapore that can be matched with mom’s and dad’s clothes – check out Misty Daydream.

Click here to check out Misty Daydream’s online shop!


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