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6 Best Baby Spas In Singapore From $26 To Pamper Your Little One

Baby spas in Singapore are now a thing – even babies need to unwind from their hard day of wailing for milk and drooling whilst in slumber! When the trend first blew up in Australia a couple years ago, a typical session of baby spa would include hydrotherapy and a gentle massage. 

Having made its rounds, baby spas in Singapore are gaining traction as well. However, the main portfolio of services provided here for the kiddos are primarily baby spa massages. 

It is believed that giving your baby that type of luxury can promote their relaxation, sleeping pattern and even blood circulation (some say it reduces crying, too!) If you are up for a mummy-baby pamper session, here are some baby spas in Singapore you can visit: 

1. BabySPA

Credit: BabySPA

A pioneer in the industry, BabySPA has been around since 2007 and is one of the only (if not – only) baby spas in Singapore which provides the entire portfolio of baby spa services – both hydrotherapy and infant massage. 

The 20 minute hydrotherapy session is priced at $49 and aims to develop your kiddo’s potential through water play by stimulating physical, mental and sensory development. They also have a package deal for the water training sessions. 

On the other hand, if you’re only looking for baby spa massages, the typical session lasts for 10-15 minutes. Babies as young as 1 month old up till 2 years old can enjoy this pampering session. 

To top it all off with a cherry, this brand also offers a haircut session for your little bub (even Zoe Tay has jumped on this wagon!) 

Location: Harbourfront Centre, Punggoloasis Terraces, Northpoint City, Westgate 

Price: $26 for non-member; $10 for member (10-15 minutes) 

Age: 1 month to 2 years old 

2. Beauty Mums Babies 

Credit: Beauty Mum Babies

While some baby spas in Singapore focus on Western techniques, this spa combines massage techniques from Chinese roots as well. Beauty Mums Babies caters this session for babies for newborns. While they strongly recommend this for kiddos aged 0 to 6 months old, they also recognise that pampering knows no limits – even if your baby is a year old, they are still warmly welcomed here. 

Having been featured on Zaobao SG, Expat Choice Asia, Singapore Motherhood and the like, you can be sure that this is a credible brand to trust your baby’s first foray into baby spa with. Choose from 1 session ($69), 5 sessions ($299) or 10 sessions ($549). 

Location: Orchard Road, Paragon Tower 1 

Price: $69 (1 session) 

Age: Unspecified 

3. Babies Laughter 

Credit: Babies Laughter

With 3 different baby spa massages to choose from, Babies Laughter has coined their classic 20-minute session the “Babies Laughter Signature”, priced at $69. 

Alternatively, you can also opt for the premium “Babies Laughter Exclusive” which provides infant massage services at night. Nothing better than to successfully soothe your baby to sleep without the wailing sounding like sirens. Of course, it comes with a heftier price at $129 for the same 20-minute session. 

If you find yourself leaning towards Chinese-based formulas, Babies Laughter also provides the “Xiao Er Tui Na” massage based in traditional Chinese medicine, priced at $69 too.  

Even better – if you’d like to learn how to take over the expert masseuse, for $300 (3 sessions of an hour each), you can learn all the skills that you need to! 

Location: At your home or preferred location 

Price: From $69 (20 minutes) 

Age: Unspecified 

4. Health 2 U 

Credit: Health2mama Facebook Page

Although Health 2 U carries a heftier tag to their prices as compared to the other baby spas in Singapore, you’re getting half an hour to 45 minutes of baby spa massage for your bub here, as compared to the other brands which typically offer a 20 minute session. 

Plus, not only does your baby go through a physio massaging session, the experts at Health 2 U will also spend time teaching you how to massage your own baby so you can do it from the comforts of home! 

These individual sessions priced at $150 are one on one, but you can also opt for a package deal of 5 or 10 sessions – saving you $10 and $20 respectively each time. 

If you’re looking to throw some sort of baby shower, perhaps hiring Health 2 U would be a great idea as they also provide group baby massage services, as well as baby massage class workshops from home (with access to their baby spa massage app!)  

Location: 101 Telok Ayer Street 

Price: $150 (30-45min) 

Age: Newborn to 9 months old 

5. Mummy Baby Care 

Credit: Mummy Baby Care, Sharon Facebook Page

Started by a mum who first struggled on her journey of motherhood, her relatable story led to the birth of Mummy Baby Care, one of the few mummy and baby spas in Singapore which aims to cater to the emotional and physical needs of both.

Here, she offers a baby massage class specially-curated for parents to learn the right techniques and skills. When massaging your infant at home, it helps enhance the bonding process between mummy or daddy and child. Priced from $50 (60 minutes) and $90 (90 minutes), we are sure this fee will be an amount worth investing in.

If you want your baby to leave looking sleek and smart, throw in a baby’s first hair cut for your bubs, with prices starting from $15! 

Location: 470 North Bridge Road Bugis Cube 

Price: From $50 (60 minutes) 

Age: Unspecified 

6. Thomson ParentCraft

Credit: Thomson Medical

Similar to Mummy Baby Care, Thomson ParentCraft services offers a baby massage programme to impart necessary skills to new parents on how they can soothe their babies from home. 

Apart from just techniques, this programme also educates parents about motor developmental milestones while babies grow, allowing you to adapt massage techniques as they transition into different phases of childhood. 

Location: 1 Thomson Road, Balestier Hill Shopping Centre 

Price: Unspecified 

Age: 1 to 9 months old 


With this list of all the baby spas in Singapore, it is now time to introduce your kiddos to a new world of indulgence! Most of these baby spa massages also offer services for mummies – so don’t forget to pamper yourself while you’re there too. 

While baby spa massages may be a rhythmic routine for the baby, it is important to remember to adapt accordingly to how your bub is responding. As they are still young, it is best to keep gentle with them to be safe. Especially so if you are intending on practising an infant massage to your baby! 


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