Baby7 Baby Swimming Pools in Singapore for Fun Parent-Child Bonding Classes

7 Baby Swimming Pools in Singapore for Fun Parent-Child Bonding Classes

Did you know? Research has suggested that learning to swim from a young age allows babies to develop more quickly in their physical, cognitive and language skills. 

There is no better way than to celebrate your child’s progress than to be by them and providing them the assurance that they are safe even if they fall. In the initial phases of learning how to tread in this new buoyant environment, the time spent with them in the pool can help build trust and quality time with your babies. 

Understanding that water confidence is not just an essential survival skill but also an avenue for fun, these 7 baby swimming pools and schools offer classes that can help you get your bub dipping their toes early! 

1. Little Splashes Singapore 

Baby Swimming Pools: Little Splash
Credit: Little Splashes

Little Splashes operates in 5 different outlets across the island. They maintain their indoor heated baby swimming pools at the healthiest standards by combining two elements – a natural ozone water purification, as well as a mineral water system which aims to simulate the Dead Sea experience. Not only does this make the swimming experience safe for baby, it is also gentle to the skin. 

Baby swimming lessons are offered here, taking infants from 3 months old and upwards, with a ratio of 1 teacher to 5 students. Here, both parents are encouraged to get in the water with baby as you work as a team to work on social and spacial awareness, as well as experiment with new movements. 

Price: From $40 per lesson (for term package of 11-13 lessons) 

2. Inspire Mum & Baby 

Credit: Inspire Mum & Baby Facebook

Inspire Mum & Baby targets the holistic development of mummies, mummies-to-be and babies throughout the motherhood process. With regard to strengthening the bond between mom and child through water exploration, this centre welcomes infants from 0 months to 7 years of age at their space in Tanjong Katong. A safe and inclusive space, it caters to children with special needs. 

Aiming to build a strong foundation for water confidence from young, Inspire Mum & Baby allows your babies to explore different movements such as kicking, peddling, and gliding in the water. Gradually, they will transit to different levels as they grow with their developmental milestones. Curiosity and inquisitiveness are traits that are encouraged in this school, where your baby will eventually develop them by playing with toys and props underwater. 

The best part? Inspire Mum & Baby finds a way to include mummies so your baby can trust you through all their new, exciting environments and eager exploration.  

Price: $110 per private swim trial session; $65 per group swim trial session (2-3 pax) 

3. Little Swim School 

Credit: Little Swim School

At their indoor facility in Westway, you can expect to find a heated, temperature-controlled baby swimming pool chlorinated by saltwater. The attention to detail begets a healthy and conducive learning environment for baby and you! 

Apart from the usual water acquaintance and autonomy that Little Swim School will inculcate in your little tot, your baby will also learn other skills which aim to build strength and control within their comfortable range. Think breath control, free floatation, water submersion and kicking techniques. 

All throughout these new sensory experiences, parents will be immersed in helping to keep your baby confidently afloat as you gently lead them with verbal cues. Little Swim School believes that as your baby builds social awareness and perceptual skills, this is the perfect interactive activity to also inculcate a strong thread of trust. 

Price: Upon enquiry 

4. Aquabambinos 

Credit: AquaBambinos Facebook

Having 3 different homegrounds across the island, you can choose to have classes at their baby swimming pools in Serangoon Gardens, Jalan Selaseh or at Piccadilly. Either way, all three outlets offer an indoor heated baby swimming pool, chlorinated for tip-top sanitisation so you won’t have to worry about hygiene.

Similar to Little Splashes, Aquabambinos caps the lesson size to 5 parent-child pairs to 1 teacher and only caters to babies 6 months and up. During lesson, teachers will introduce guiding practices for parents to learn how they can more effectively support their kids. There are toys, songs and a tiny pool to ensure that your babies gets acquainted with the water in a non-intimidating, cosy environment. 

They also have a free trial class for parents who might want to give this a shot! 

 Price: Upon enquiry 

5. SmileSwimmers 

Credit: Life After Noah Blogspot

Although they do not have a homeground, SmileSwimmers conducts their lessons at 6 different locations across the island (Bedok, Tampines Hub, Pasir Ris, Geylang East, Senja-Cashew and Ang Mo Kio). Having been around since 2011, their baby swimming lessons are open to kids aged between 3 to 12 months. 

Reading their reviews, it seems previous parents have had pleasant experiences with the coaches here! When it comes to managing your babies, SmileSwimmers understands that there needs to be trust. With customised programmes for various growth stages, you can be assured that your child will be looked out for at every stage of the course. Plus, I’d sure want a coach who’s gentle fun-loving yet attentive enough in calming the baby’s nerves by singing nursery rhymes! 

Price: $300 for 12 lessons, one-time registration fee of $40 

6. SWISH Aqua Studio 

Credit: SWISH Swimming Facebook Page

SWISH Aqua Studio operates from their school at Dempsey Hill. Not only do they have an indoor baby swimming pool, they also have an outdoor one nestled amidst lush greenery. As with other schools, they have temperature-controlled and saltwater chlorinated water.  

With coaches who are energetic and enthusiastic about the water (and being in water), you can be sure that their infectious energy helps your bub develop a comfortable inclination for the pool as well. The end goal? That you can gallivanting away for safe, aqua adventures as a family in future! Think snorkelling, surfing, water-skiing and more. 

Their parents and babies swimming lessons are open for babies aged 4 months and above, with a instructor to student ratio pegged at 5:1. Children with special needs are welcome too, with a dedicated teacher catered for your bub! 

Price: $36 per weekday class; $38 per weekend class 

7. Happy Fish 

Credit: Happy Fish

Priding themselves as the leading swim school in both Singapore and Malaysia, Happy Fish offers their swimming lessons in 8 indoor heated baby swimming pool complexes here (in respective regions: Bedok, Stevens, Pasir Ris, Jurong East, Horsecity and Bukit Timah). 

Happy Fish’s edge lies in the 14 years of extensive research they have conducted to ensure your baby gets nothing less than the best, with a proven-to-be effective teaching system. You can expect your kid to learn about breath control, submersion, free floating, kicking and paddling – all while learning to swim and be familiar in water.  

Open to babies aged 4 to 23 months old for the baby swimming lessons, the group size is capped at 6 students maximum. Before you know it, your bub will be gliding like little fishies in no time! 

Price: From $340 per term (10 lessons) 

These baby swimming pools in Singapore offer safe and hygienic environments for your baby to start getting cosy in the water. A main difference in all these options would lie in the baby swimming pools you feel most inclined towards. Not only does this include the size and surrounding of the pool, but also the location. Regardless, we are sure that all these swimming schools will deliver safe and fun learning foe your kids in a conducive environment.


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