PreschoolerBallet Class for Kids: 9 Best Places For Your Child To Learn...

Ballet Class for Kids: 9 Best Places For Your Child To Learn Ballet!

While ballet class for kids may seem like the rite of passage, there are actually many practical reasons why it it’s positively developmental for your little tots. Apart from the fact that they get to improve on their fine and motor skills, ballet class for kids also helps in nurturing a good posture from young.

However, perhaps not many would know that even among ballet class for kids, there are many different types of ballet styles – ranging from English, American and even French or Russian. This list here provides you a variety of choices for your kids:

1. One Dance Asia: Offers All-Boys Classes

Ballet class for kids: One Dance Asia
Credit: One Dance Asia

One Dance Asia specialises in a variety of ballet class for kids. Whether you’re looking for courses by age (babies, youth, adults) or by genre (contemporary or jazz), they’ve got you covered. Plus, who says ballet classes are only for girls? They also have an all-boys class, if you’re considering sending your sons too!

2. Dancepointe Academy: For $10 Trial Classes

Credit: Dancepointe

At only $10 per trial class, you can allow your tot to get a taste of ballet class for kids. A low commitment option for those who’d like to dip your kids’ toes into this world of dance.

Here at Dancepointe, kids can to go through a comprehensive Classical Ballet training for kids as young as 3 years old. Beyond just ballet as a performance, Dancepointe also believes for dance to be a form of education – discipline for the mind and the body.

3. City Ballet Academy: For the Aspiring Professional Dancers

Credit: City Ballet Academy

If your baby has told you that she’s set on becoming a professional ballerina for the future, City Ballet Academy might just be the place for their training. This academy offers opportunities for their students to perform at locally and internally recognised dance competitions, paving the way for them to receiving scholarships and ballet schools.

Sounds legit? You bet it is! City Ballet Academy is no child’s play.

4. Performers Ballet Academy: An International Ballet Community

Credit: Performers Ballet Academy

Here at Performers Ballet Academy, they pride themselves in honing the musical artistry and physical capabilities of their students through ballet. As a member of the International Dance Council, you can trust that their curriculum is accredited.

For expats who are looking to enrol your kids into an academy with an international community, perhaps Performers Ballet Academy might catch your eye.

5. Dance Arts Singapore: 100% Pass Rates for Ballet Exams

Credit: Dance Arts Singapore

We get it – sometimes the pressure of having to take exams are pressing. And some parents prefer having the certainty of knowing their kids aren’t going to be stressed out about having to pass.

While that doesn’t automatically take away the hard work and discipline they’ve got to put in, Dance Arts prides themselves in a 100% successful passing rates for all their candidates.

Here, they segment their classes based on age groups – from children’s, teens to adults. So yes! If mom wants to journey with your kid, nobody’s saying no!

6. Ballet Quarter: Free Trials Available

Credit: Ballet Quarter

From as young as 3 years old, you can enrol your tots into ballet class for kids! Ballet Quarter has targeted ballet classes for kids in the age ranges of 3-4, 5 and 6. This way, you can be sure that classes are age inclusive and account for the physical developments of your child at different growth stages.

Whether you’re aiming to enrol your kid in as a recreational hobby or to train them as professionals for the future, Ballet Quarter is a safe space to start their ballerina journey.

7. School of Russian Ballet Singapore: Vaganova Professional Ballet

Credit: School of Russian Ballet Singapore

Known as the “Vaganova” professional ballet, Russian ballet focuses more on high extensions and dynamic turns. Here at the School of Russian Ballet Singapore – as its name explicitly suggests – offers the Russian ballet educational curriculum for its students.

In its children’s program, students get to learn this form of ballet through Jazz and Rhythmic Dance, alongside stretching exercises.

8. The Dance Place: Age-inclusive French Ballet Class for Kids

Credit: The Dance Place

At The Dance Place, each student will be assessed prior to being assigned to their specific classes. This is to ensure that they will be learning at a pace tailored to their abilities.

Different from the Russian Ballet style, The Dance Place teaches based on the Paris Opera Ballet School which cultivates the French Ballet style, where it emphasises more on feet and hand positions.

Regardless, there are classes here from 3 years onwards, all the way till 13 years plus. This means your kid will have the opportunity to consistently grow as a ballerina, even till they enter adulthood.

9. Charlotte Marn: American Style Ballet

Credit: Charlotte Marn School of Dance

Having been briefly introduced to Russian and French ballet class for kids, you may wonder what the difference is for American-style Ballet. Also known as the Balanchine method, this form of ballet focuses on swift movements with emphasis on an open use of the upper body.

As the first and only school to offer this curriculum, Charlotte Marn also has a Dance Tots trial class which introduces kids to physical literacy and coordination.

Beyond just nurturing the physical capabilities of your child, Charlotte Marn’s ballet class for kids also strives to leave their students pain and injury free, so they can enjoy dance better, and grow in their ballet journey more sustainably.

Now that you briefly know the different types of ballet styles available, it is time to do a more in-depth research on which types of ballet class for kids you’d like to enrol your child in.

While curriculums and growth is important, it is also key to note that your kids should enjoy this musical art form ultimately – and enjoying it also means ensuring they are injury-free, and perhaps not harping too much on whether or not they will be passing their ballet exams.

As they always say, a little always goes a long way!


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