Mom And Dad12 Best Family Photoshoots in Singapore For Outdoor Or Indoor Family Photoshoots

12 Best Family Photoshoots in Singapore For Outdoor Or Indoor Family Photoshoots

Some may think doing a family photoshoot here in Singapore may sound like a waste of money. But its payback often comes with many returns.

It is true when they say “a photograph keeps a moment from running away.” While family photoshoots in Singapore are definitely not cheap, it will surely be worth more than a dime decades later, when you reminisce on your kids’ impish days. A sentimental investment as we might call it!

If you’re on the look out for family photoshoots in Singapore, here is a list of photo studios and family photographers you can check out.

1. Orange Studios: For Parties, Outdoor Family Photoshoot and Home Photography

family photoshoot in singapore
Credit: @chanclaraa on Instagram

From newborn photography and home maternity to parties and family photoshoots in Singapore, Orange Studios is helmed by a husband-and-wife team who believes in capturing joy, love and laughter while on set.

Having been around since 2013, this couple is a dynamic duo who’re capable in accommodating to your comfort levels – whether is it you’re looking for an outdoor family photoshoot or a simple indoor photo studio.

Feel free to drop them an enquiry here for their rates.

2. Yi Ting Shoots: For Candid Outdoor Family Photoshoots

Credit: YT Shoots (Facebook)

When you land on Yi Ting’s Instagram page, her vibrant feed stands out. Against familiar Singaporean backgrounds such as Joo Chiat’s neighbourhood, Toa Payoh’s signature dragon playground and even the simple likes of East Coast Park, she captures the magic of daily candid moments.

Reach out to Yi Ting at to enquire for her rates and your requests.

3. 3 Little Pics: Snapshots of Authentic Moments

Credit: 3 Little Pics (IG)

To capture an authentic moment, it has to be natural. 3 Little Pics believes in photographing your family and children especially in an outdoor setting – where it’s free and easy, comfortable, and not manufactured.

With positive reviews left by returning customers on his page, photographer Yong How has been described to be initiative, accommodating, and superb in creating a comfortable space for whom he photographs! If he sounds like your go-to guy, all you have to do is simply request for a promo quote.

4. Near & Dear: Cosy Photo Studio

Credit: Near & Dear (Facebook)

Near & Dear is helmed by an all-female team, dedicated to serving maternal and family photoshoots in Singapore. Located at Yishun, this photo studio dresses itself up into several themes – rustic floral, home setting lookalike, and even seasonal ones such as for Christmas!

For a cosy indoor family photoshoot, check out their Facebook page here for their past works! Alternatively, they can be contacted at 8829 6686 for their rates.

5. Tilt by Androidsinboots: Dreamy & Scenic Outdoor Family Photoshoot

Credit: on IG

The magic to almost any successful family photoshoot is directing – and you can trust the photographers behind Tilt to be professionals at that.

While Tilt is a relatively new arm of Androidsinboots specialising in family photoshoots in Singapore (both indoor and outdoor family photoshoots), these guys have been trusted by the likes of local influencers such as Roz Pho and Nicole Chang Min.

To check out more of their work, head over to on Instagram or WhatsApp them at 87875560 for enquiries.

6. Eliza Ho (Light Reels): Film-style Photography

Credit: Light Reels

A one-woman show, Eliza shoots on 35mm and 120mm – yes, films! Needless to say, her photographs come out warm, mellow, and not without a tinge of nostalgia. At the core of her work, she believes in storytelling. If you’re a fellow believer of that, you might want to reach out to her via her website to snag up slots for your next outdoor family photoshoot (or indoor – if you prefer).

For enquiries on rates and your vision, you can also contact her directly at

7. Fotomat Studios: Fuss-free DIY Photo Studio

Credit: The Straits Times

Want a fuss-free and affordable indoor family photoshoot? Fotomat is a relatively new self-portrait concept which took flight just 2 years ago during the pandemic. Pay only $30 for a 15-minute shoot time (2 pax). While $30 only entitles you to 2 printed photos, you may top up an additional $30 for all your photos to be emailed to you.

Of course, pets and kids are allowed too! Simply pay $10 for an additional pax.

8. Say Chunkie Studio: Quirky 2000’s Vibe Photo Studio

Credit: Say Chunkie Studios (IG)

A new kid on the block, Say Chunkie Studios was kick-started by a couple of creative entrepreneurs who believe in originality. Revamped into a photo studio, this space is a dynamic studio space used for any sort of creative purpose. While this CNY indoor family photoshoot idea runs only till 5th Feb 2023, you best believe the team will be coming up with more quirky ideas this year.

Rates range from $35 to $95 (from 1 to 5 pax). If you have a larger party size, slide into their DMs to ask for some accommodations to be made! Otherwise, the booking link is right here for you convenient.

9. The Curious Light Photography: For Candid Everyday Moments

Credit: The Curious Light Photography

Life is, most times, made up of our little big joys. As you scroll through Curious Light Photography’s page, you’ll find it to be populated with snapshots of the seeming nothingness of our daily’s. Meal times, sitting together, play time, watching TV.

While there are documented moments of this indoor family photoshoot, of course you can also opt for an outdoor family photoshoot if you wish!

For more enquiries about their rates, you may reach out to them here or contact Nadine at 97910912.

10. Sunny Island Photography: Outdoor Family Photoshoots Amidst Singapore’s Nature Landmarks

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-asset.jpeg
Credit: Sunny Island Photography

Represented best by its name, Sunny Island specialises in photographing families in peaceful and serene locations. Inspired by the photographer’s love for nature, you can trust Charmaine to be scouting some of the most picturesque outdoor family photoshoot spots in Singapore.

Think St John’s Island, Coney Island, Marina Barrage, and more. If you’re gunning for earthy tones, grounding greens and vibrant blue’s to pop in your photographs, she’s your go-to girl.

The family package is priced at $650, with total shoot duration capped at 1.5h. This also includes 1 location of choice and caters for a maximum of 4 pax (yes, your pet is considered as a head too!)

11. Hip Xiong Photo Studio: Singapore’s Only 1850’s Wet-plate Photography

Credit: Hip Xiong Photo Studio (IG)

The one and only wet-plate photography studio in Singapore, Hip Xiong (Hokkien term for ‘photo-taking’) Photo Studio prides itself in its expert craft which dates back to the 1850’s. While it may seem like an uncanny photo studio for family photoshoots in Singapore, trust that this is something you’d not want to miss out on. Especially since they are permanently closing by the year-end.

For a family of 1 to 5 pax, you can expect to pay $500 for a weekday slot and $550 for a weekend slot. You’ll receive a 5×7″ wet plate, with an additional plate costing $300/$350 (weekday/weekend).

12. Gabriel Aiden Photography: A Dynamic Storyteller for Your Family

Credit: Gabriel Aiden

A believer of the synergy he creates with his customers, Gabriel’s work aims to tell your family’s story in a delicate manner through his lens. Depending on which shoot environment your family feels most comfortable in, he’s got you covered.

If you’d like an outdoor family photoshoot, you may opt for the Good Package ($380) which covers 1.5h of shoot time, as well as 1 location. For a photo studio shoot, there’s also the Family Photography (Studio) package ($450) you can choose.

For a full list of packages available, check out his website here.

We hope this list has got you thinking a little bit more about a family photoshoot which you might want to have in Singapore in the near future! Whether it is an outdoor family photoshoot, indoor family photoshoot, or a no-frills photo studio idea, what’s most important is communicating your vision to your photographer.


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