PreschoolerIs Bukit Gombak Park Playground The Best Playground In The West?

Is Bukit Gombak Park Playground The Best Playground In The West?

What’s the best outdoor playground in the west? Many parents are familiar with the Jurong Lake Gardens playground, or Westgate Wonderland (which is currently closed) – but you might not have heard about the Bukit Gombak Park Playground, which just opened in September!

So what is there to do in Bukit Gombak Park Playground? And is it the best playground in the west? Here’s all you need to know about it!

Bukit Gombak Park Has A Butterfly Garden

This is a pretty unique feature that Bukit Gombak Park has! Located on the highest point of the park (yes, the park is on a hill – more about this later) is a garden that specifically has plants and flowers that are especially attractive to butterflies.

Credit: Nparks

The Butterfly Garden also attracts more than 20 species of butterflies, and this is such a clever way to help our little ones appreciate nature a little more. Not only can this be a fun experience, but an educational one too!

Bukit Gombak Park Is A Dog-Friendly Park

Another wonderful feature to the Bukit Gombak Park is the addition of a 480sqm dog run. It’s nowhere near the largest dog run in Singapore, but it’s still a wonderful addition to the park!

If you’re a dog-owner and you want to take your little one outdoors – then Bukit Gombak Park will be a dream come true.

Credit: Nparks

The dog run is within an enclosed, fenced area where dogs are allowed to run free so your little one can have a ball of a time watching the dogs play from the outside.

Bukit Gombak Park Playground – Decent, But Not Fantastic

If you’re coming to Bukit Gombak Park just for the playground, you might be a little underwhelmed. That’s not to say it doesn’t have some fun attractions for your kids though!

Bukit Gombak Park Playground
Credit: Nparks

Here’s what you’ll find in the playground:

5.3m-long slide

I’m sure your kids will still have a fun time going down the slide, but if you’re looking for a playground with THE slide, then this isn’t it.

Mini rock-climbing ‘wall’ feature (more like a slope actually)

If your kids love climbing, and this will surely satisfy them! It’s not exactly a ‘wall’ so you don’t have to worry about your kids tumbling down from a height. It’s a very gentle incline slope, so it should be safe for most kids.

Regular play equipment such as swings, and balancing beams

Like most other playgrounds, this one also comes with a pair of swings and balancing beams. Definitely fun for kids, but nothing amazing here.

Bukit Gombak Park Has A Cafe Too: Whisk & Paddle

Located at car park, you’ll find Whisk & Paddle – a cafe with a beautiful view of nature. It’s fully air-conditioned too, so this will be a great place to wind down after spending your day at Bukit Gombak Park.

Credit: Whisk & Paddle

Food-wise, it’s worth noting that they have a kids’ breakfast menu which is available on weekends until 3pm. For $11.80, your kids can enjoy fish & chips or sausages with french toast among other delicious items!

How To Get To Bukit Gombak Park

You can take buses 187, 188, 985, 991, 991C which drop you off right outside the park.

If you’re taking the MRT, you can alight at Bukit Gombak MRT and take a short 7-minute walk to arrive at the park.

If you’re driving, the park has a carpark. You can also park in the estates surrounding the park.

So, Is Bukit Gombak Park Playground The Best Playground In The West?

Well, probably not! If you’re just comparing the playground with others in the vicinity, you’ll find better ones such as the Bukit Batok Neighbourhood Park Playground.

But, the other facilities that you can enjoy in Bukit Gombak Park make it more than worth visiting. Your kids will surely have a fun time at the Butterfly Garden, or dog-watching at the dog run. So take your kids to Bukit Gombak Park – especially if you stay in the west!


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