Toddler15 Fun Christmas Gifts For Toddlers In Singapore Under $100

15 Fun Christmas Gifts For Toddlers In Singapore Under $100

Christmas is just around the corner, and that means finding the perfect Christmas gifts for our little ones. As a parent, you always want to give your toddler the best toys they can possibly have. But what gifts do toddlers want from Santa? Well, every child has different preferences but we believe there’s always a perfect gift for everyone!

We’ve put together a variety of gifts that cater to different interests, age groups and at different price points. Make your Christmas a little more stress-free by taking a look at what we think are some of the best Christmas gifts for toddlers in Singapore!

1. Wooden Kitchen Set – $68

Credit: Shopee, seller: miniplaystudio

This is for toddlers who love to cook and experiment! Little kids truly enjoy playing with wooden toys, including pretending to cook up a sumptuous meal with adorable play-safe pots and pans. This adorable wooden kitchen is the perfect gift for all those budding young chefs out there! It’s durable, high quality and safe to chew on (the chip-resistant paint helps protect them from nicks).

Credit: Shopee, seller: miniplaystudio

This beautiful wooden stove set can also help develop your child’s creativity, imagination and fine motor skills. We also love that it’s a beautiful play set that won’t look like an eyesore in your home – definitely a gift that your child and Santa would approve of.

Check out the Wooden Kitchen Set here!

2. Grow It! Mini Garden Playset – $44.76

Credit: Amazon

This mini garden playset will be a thoughtful gift, even for younger kids aged 2 and above. The 9-piece set comes with colourful, durable and soft-to-hold plastic toys in the shape of flowers, pots, vegetables and even a watering can that can store and pour water.

Credit: Amazon

This is a great way to teach your child about how plants grow, and for them to learn more about different types of vegetables. Your child can even plant the vegetables with the mini shovel provided! This also helps build hand-eye coordination. So not only will this be a thoughtful and beautiful gift but it’s educational too!

Check out the Grow It! Mini Garden Playset here!

3. National Geographic Kids Safari Time Dress Up Trunk – $43.52

Credit: Amazon

Do you have an active child who craves adventure? Or maybe your child simply loves the outdoors and loves exploring new places? If so, the Safari Time Dress Up Trunk from National Geographic will be a thoughtful gift for your child. With this 17-piece set, your little one will be the next mini Indiana Jones!

We love this gift, because it has everything your toddler needs to explore the world. It comes with an adorable cargo vest and safari hat, play binoculars and play camera and other adventuring essentials. Your little one will definitely look super cute in this safari get-up!

Credit: Amazon

Furthermore, this gift also includes 6 animal flash cards and 4 animal figures which will definitely help in teaching your kids about animals.

Check out the National Geographic Safari Dress Up Trunk here!

4. Musical Band Playset – $79.90

Source: The Better Toys Store

Is your child musically-inclined? Then this Musical Band playset by PlanToys will definitely be a wonderful gift! It comes with drums, a cymbal and a wooden güiro – more than enough to give your child hours and hours of fun. Don’t worry about this being a bulky play set, it’s miniature-sized and will fit nicely on a tabletop or simply placed on the floor.

Other than this being a fun gift, it will also definitely help develop your little one’s auditory skills, musical expression and hand-eye coordination thought playing the instruments. If you’re looking for more beautiful gifts, we recommend checking out for more ideas. In fact, you can also purchase the next item on this list from them!

Check out the Musical Band Playset here!

5. Zig N Go Action-Reaction Construction Set – $89.90

Credit: Djeco Singapore

If your child loves building things, then this construction set from Djeco is an excellent gift. Suitable for older kids 7 and above, this particular DIY construction set includes 2 ramps with distance measurement, domino pieces and more to help your child experiment with variables.

We’re delighted that the 45 pieces included in this set are reusable for years! As seen on Amazon: “Zig n Go Construction Set provides fun activities inside and out while promoting creativity”. Indeed, this gift is a great way for your child to learn about momentum, speed and experiment with distance and spaces.

Credit: Djeco Singapore

Again, if you’re looking for gifts that really help develop your child’s mind and improve motor skills, we highly recommend checking them out at – they have lots of other high quality toys that are great Christmas gifts for toddlers.

Check out the Zig N Go Action-Reaction Construction Set here!

6. Mini Arcade Claw Machine – $41.90

Credit: Cotton On Singapore

Kids love claw machines, and it’s also really expensive trying to win something from a claw machine! But what if there was a way to get the thrill out of playing with claw machines – with unlimited tries? This Mini Arcade Claw Machine is great gift if your child loves going to the arcade. You can put in sweets, toys or other treats into the machine and let your child have hours of fun trying to win the prizes inside.

It even comes with flashing lights for a more realistic arcade experience! Great for kids, but also a great gift for adults who want to relive some of their childhood memories.

Check out the Mini Arcade Claw Machine here!

7. Veggie Farm Sorting Set – $37.58

Credit: Amazon

Does your child have a green-thumb? Or maybe your child has developed a new-found interest in plants and farming after visiting some of the farms around Singapore? Then this Veggie Farm Sorting Set will be the perfect gift!

It’s a 46-piece playset where your child can pretend to be a farmer taking care of his/her little vegetable farm! Watch your little one play and learn by planting the vegetables in the allocated plots, harvesting them and placing them into the respective baskets. We love gifts that entertain and educate, and this does the job.

Credit: Amazon

By farming and sorting broccoli, corn, onions and pumpkins your little one’s colour recognition and matching skills will improve.

Check out the Veggie Farm Sorting Set here!

8. PAW Patrol Playland – $79.99

Credit: Toys’R’Us

This is a wonderful gift if your child is a PAW Patrol fanatic, and loves playing in ball pits. The PAW Patrol Playland can be easily inflated into a fun ball pit with an open roof where your child can toss balls through.

The PAW Patrol Playland has colourful character graphics of your child’s favourite PAW Patrol characters, and the set comes with 20 soft flex balls to complete the ball pit. When your child isn’t tossing, playing and crawling in this, simply deflate it and you can easily store it away neatly!

Check out the PAW Patrol Playland here!

9. Science Experiment Toolbox – $39

Credit: Amazon

There’s many things to love above this gift! First of all, this toolbox has 6 different science experiments that your little one can set-up and learn from. From learning how levers work, to setting up a pulley system – this toolbox helps your child learn more about how moving machines work.

Made by the brand Hape, it’s also impressive that this set even comes with access to the ‘know-how’ app which will guide your child through the various science experiments in the toolbox.

Credit: Amazon

What we also love about this gift is all 6 experiments can be neatly tucked away into the toolbox! This means the play area will be kept neat, and the entire set is easily portable for your child to play with at any time. If you’re looking for educational Christmas gifts for toddlers, then this might be your best choice.

Check out the Science Experiment Toolbox here!

10. Castle Escape – $89

Credit: Growingkidz Singapore

Castle Escape is yet another high quality playset from Hape. If your child loves building things with building blocks and Lego, then this will definitely be a suitable gift too. The entire set has a whopping 102 pieces that your child can use to build a castle, complete with bridges, towers and even bells.

What makes this play set special is that once it’s built, your child play marbles at the top of the towers and watch in awe as they travel down the towers and rails of the castle – and sounding the large bells!

Credit: Growingkidz Singapore

Definitely a gift that’s fun, but also a great way to boost your child’s creativity and understanding of cause-and-effect.

Check out Castle Escape here!

11. Wooden Train Toy Set – $68.41

Credit: Shopee, Seller: yoyotreesg

This Wooden Train Toy Set is a gem of a find on Shopee, via seller yoyotreesg. It’s a complete train play set that comes with scenery, train tracks, people and more. Your little one will definitely have a fun time building up the whole train set. The tracks are beautifully made from beech wood, and have been carefully polished so it’s safe for your child to handle.

Credit: Shopee, Seller: yoyotreesg

If you purchase the 95pcs set, the trains are motorized which will definitely add to the fun. This is a fun and effective way to help your child learn through role-play as they pretend to be train conductors, passengers or even policemen that come with the set! Definitely one of the best Christmas gifts for toddlers you’ll find!

Check out the wooden train toy set here!

12. Evo Inline Scooter – $41.99

Credit: Toys’R’Us

Now that it’s the school holidays, it’s a great time to take your kids out for some outdoor activities! And the perfect gift to enjoy the great outdoors is a mini kids’ scooter like the Evo Inline Scooter!

This scooter is pretty lightweight at just 2kg, making it suitable for younger kids to handle. Just keep in mind that this particular model is a 2-wheel scooter. If your child doesn’t have experience riding a scooter or bicycle, opt for a 3-wheel scooter instead.

If you need more recommendations for scooters (including 3-wheel scooters) we wrote an article on the 8 Best Scooters For Kids In Singapore!

Check out the Evo Inline Scooter here!

13. Singapore: My Globetrotter Book – $12.32

Credit: Amazon

It’s important to educate our little ones about other cultures, beliefs and practices so that they grow up to be kind and mindful individuals. And this book called Singapore: My Globetrotter Book is an excellent way to do just that!

Singapore: My Globetrotter Book is a colourful book that’s full of pictures, games and puzzles that’s all about Singapore and it’s vibrant history and culture. Your little one will learn about the origins of the Merlion, landmarks like Chinatown, Little India, Kampong Glam and more. It’s not just a fun gift for kids, but for adults too!

Check out Singapore: My Globetrotter Book here!

14. Mini Disney Castle – $54.90

Credit: Lego

This Mini Disney Castle from Lego is a beautiful gift that will definitely be a great Christmas present. This 567-piece Lego set will let your child recreate the iconic Cinderella castle – complete with the signature gold and blue colours. It also comes with a Mickey Mouse miniature to go along with the castle!

Credit: Lego

What’s great about this gift is that when it’s fully built, it will look like a gorgeous display piece in any home. Suitable for older kids aged 12 and above.

Check out the Mini Disney Castle here!

15. Solar Robot Creation Kit – $39.90

Credit: Shopee, Seller: camtec_kids_specialist

This might just be one of the best Christmas gifts for toddlers. We love this gift because not only is it unique, it’s educational and also a bang for your buck. This Solar Robot Creation Kit comes with a whopping 190 pieces that can be mix-and-matched to your child’s desire to create all kinds of different robots!

The creation kit comes with 12 different robot creation templates that your child can follow which is super handy. Or, simply let your child’s imagination run wild! This is definitely a fun way to boost creativity. You child can create robots that move on wheels or even float on water!

Shopee, Seller: camtec_kids_specialist

The robots are also move via solar power, making this a great way to teach your child more about how solar energy works. Fun, unique, educational – this is definitely one of our favourite gifts on this list!

Check out Solar Robot Creation Kit here!

There are so many Christmas gifts for toddlers in Singapore and hopefully we’ve helped to narrow down the best options for you. Most of these Christmas gifts for toddlers in Singapore are perfect as they will keep your little one entertained and help them learn new things as well. Hope you found this useful – and happy holidays!


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