Toddler7 Best Christmas Movies On Netflix For Kids In Singapore (2021)

7 Best Christmas Movies On Netflix For Kids In Singapore (2021)

Who doesn’t love a good family film? Whether it’s for the kids or the parents, watching a good movie with the family is always fun. From classics to contemporary blockbusters, there are plenty of options on Netflix to choose from. But there are dozens and dozens of Christmas movies on Netflix for kids in Singapore, so if you are looking for only the best that even Santa would approve of we’ve got you covered! Here are some of the best feel-good, kid-friendly movies to watch with your family for Christmas 2021!

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Available on Netflix Singapore, Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey is a feel-good, heartwarming movie with vibrant visuals and musicals that you and your kids will love. If your kids enjoyed Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, then they will definitely enjoy this movie too.

The story follows Jeronicus, an inventor, whose career slips away after the passing of his wife. He is then visited by his granddaughter who’s named Journey who reignites his passion for inventing. Together, they go on a bizarre and thrilling adventure to re-open Jeronicus’ factory.

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey has a brilliant cast, gorgeous costumes and enchanting musicals – everything that will make your kids’ Christmas a more memorable one. This is definitely #1 on our list.

The Christmas Chronicles

The Christmas Chronicles is one of my family’s favourite Christmas movies, and it’s available on Netflix in Singapore too! The Christmas Chronicles is a Christmas comedy movie and features the talented Kurt Russell as Santa Claus.

The Christmas Chronicles is funny, but its also a heartwarming movie. After the death of her husband, Claire struggles to keep her family together. The story follows the adventures of her children Kate & Teddy who happen to see Santa Claus (Kurt Russell) in their home. They sneak onto his sleigh when Santa loses control of his reindeer and crashes – and all the Christmas presents are gone.

The trio then go an an action-packed, funny adventure to deliver all the presents to keep the town’s Christmas spirit alive. The kids meet Santa’s elves for help, Santa gets arrested by the police – the plot is wild and very entertaining. Oh, and once you’re done with The Christmas Chronicles, you can then watch The Christmas Chronicles 2, which is also on Netflix in Singapore!

The Princess Switch

Do you remember watching The Parent Trap (starring Lindsay Lohan) when you were younger? The Princess Switch is in some ways a modern rendition of twin-swap movies that many kids love. The idea of switching places with someone else, and living their lives for a brief moment is an exciting idea.

The Princess Switch is about two girls, Stacy who’s an ordinary girl from Chicago and princess Lady Margaret Delacourt switching places to experience each other’s lives. Both girls are played by Vanessa Hudgens who does an excellent job switching between both roles. The two girls who lead very different lives eventually fall in love with each other’s beaus which culminates in a beautiful Christmas wedding.

The Princess Switch has beautiful costumes, a gorgeous castle and your family will have plenty of good laughs too! The movie did so well that Netflix also released sequels, The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again and The Princess Switch 3: Romancing The Star – all available on Netflix in Singapore.


Klaus is a Netflix original, and it’s a beautiful animated film that tells the origin story of Santa Claus. The story follows Jesper, a lazy and unmotivated teen who simply tries to go through life doing as little as possible. To teach him a lesson, Jesper’s father sends him to an isolated town called Smeerensburg to open a post office. If Jesper can do a good job running the post office, he’ll be allowed to return home to live a comfortable life.

The twist is that Smeerensburg is full of nasty, mean people and you’ll see Jesper – who himself has many flaws – trying to make do with the place. As he delivers the letters he meets a man who’s none other than Mr. Klaus. Mr. Klaus makes toys for children, and Jesper convinces him to Mr. Klaus to send toys to the children in town – just so that Jesper can prove to his father that he’s capable, and return home.

While Jasper’s actions were initially for selfish reasons, he eventually sees the positive impact he brings to the town. Klaus is a great way to impart the value of giving to our kids. And while kids will definitely enjoy this movie, adults will also find this to be a very meaningful film.

A Boy Called Christmas

Recently released on Netflix this year, A Boy Called Christmas is a Santa Claus origin story is an enchanting film that’s heartwarming without being too ‘sugary’. It has moments of melancholy which grown-ups will appreciate, but with lots of adventure and fantasy that kids will love too.

A Boy Called Christmas is about Nikolas who lives in a magical kingdom with elves, trolls and other fantastical creatures. Nikolas heads out an on adventure to find his father who went out searching for Elfhelm, the land of the elves. Nikolas travels through snowy mountains and a magical forest, befriending a reindeer along the way.

Nikolas comes meets the film’s main antagonist Mother Vodol who has lost all hope in humanity and has banned Christmas. As Nikolas overcomes the challenges with hope and integrity, the film also does a great job of integrating traditional Christmas customs which is educational for both kids and parents.

This is a beautiful movie with great music, and a powerhouse cast. Definitely worth a watch this Christmas!

David And The Elves

David And The Elves is another new Christmas film premiering on Netflix in Singapore on 6 December. We haven’t watched it yet given that it’s not released on Netflix in Singapore yet as of writing this article – but it sounds like an interesting movie on how to enjoy the true meaning of Christmas even in our busy modern lives.

The film follows David who’s upset about moving to a big city with his parents, because he feels that the meaning of Christmas has been lost. He befriends an elf, and together they journey up a magical mountain to discover the meaning of Christmas.

In the meantime, you’ll see how David’s parents struggle and fumble to bring some Christmas cheer into their homes – which is something that I’m sure many of us parents will find relatable. Catch David And The Elves on Netflix in Singapore on 6 December 2021!

Keep in mind that this film is in Polish, so you’ll probably need to watch it with subtitles – making this more suitable for older kids.

The trailer for David And The Elves isn’t available on YouTube, but you can watch it on:

Alien Xmas

Alien Xmas is an animated film that’s just 42 minutes long – making it a good pick for younger kids who may not be able to sit through a 2-hour movie. The plot for Alien Xmas is interesting: An alien named X gets sent to Earth to attempt to steal the planet’s gravity for his fellow aliens.

However, X gets mistaken for a toy doll and is gifted to Holly, a young elf, as a Christmas present. While X attempts to steal the planet’s gravity, Holly’s kindness and Christmas spirit slowly changes X and he begins having second thoughts about his diabolical plan (like the Grinch).

The movie culminates in a war between elves and aliens, which is kid-friendly – think throwing snowballs and shooting ribbons, so there’s enough action in this short movie to keep the kids entertained too.

There you do, 6 of the best Christmas movies on Netflix for kids in Singapore! Are the rest of your Christmas preparations complete? If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for toddlers, then check out our top 15 choices here!


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