Mom And Dad5 Best Stay-In Confinement Centres In Singapore

5 Best Stay-In Confinement Centres In Singapore

If your birthing date is around the corner, you might have been considering between a confinement centre or a confinement nanny. While some may prefer to recover from the comforts of their own homes, you might instead appreciate the convenience and expert care you’ll receive from these confinement centres in Singapore. 

Almost like a one-stop service, these centres do give a ton of ease for new mummies! With an extensive portfolio of services inclusive of meals, lodging and even laundry, all you must do is focus on post-partum recovery. 

1. Newlife Confinement Services 

Located under Bukit Timah Hill at Ang Mo Kio, Newlife opened in 2016, aiming to provide comprehensive confinement care services to both new mummies and their new-borns. 

Newlife’s package is pretty comprehensive, offering 5 core services: Room facilities, mummy care, new-born care, customised confinement meal and postpartum rehabilitation. Your stay there will be fully covered with all the support for yourself and the baby – just to name a few: breastfeeding support, postnatal depression guidance, early intellectual development as well as jaundice guidance where needed.

Credit: Newlife

You can expect your room to be furnished with Wi-Fi, 24-hour concierge services and high-quality customised confinement meals 5 times a day (think ingredients like bird’s nest, fish maw, sea cucumber and the like!) There is even an indoor gym if you feel like you’d like to start getting active again. 

At Newlife, they believe in personalised services for you and your new-born to have undivided attention. During your stay, a professional personalised nanny will be attached to you. Their team includes experts who are certified in their areas of specialisation, so you can be sure that you are well taken care of during your stay here. 

Almost like a staycay, if you’d like to think of it that way! 

2. Beijing Aixin Muying 

Having been in the market for close to 20 years, Muying services have served thousands of families not limited to just their confinement centre in Singapore, but in China as well. 

At Muying, they pride themselves in providing a holistic, gentle and attentive postpartum care for mummies and babies. Understanding that postpartum can be quite an emotional roller coaster for the females, Muying aims to provide professional emotional guidance and counselling services while focusing on maternal body recovery. Think services such as detox physiotherapy, lactogenesis and blood circulation boosters. 

Credit: Beijing Aixin Muying Fuwu

Care for the babies will also be based on judgement from the experts – whether or not they require jaundice or eczema care, etc. The priority is to ensure that both mummies and babies are healthy and comfortable. So yes, babies will also experience the luxury of massages (and early-stage intellectual development trainings). 

A plus point at Muying is their insurance services which provides maternal coverage for any pregnancy complications and covers against congenital illnesses for babies. 

3. SingJoy 

Established since 2005, SingJoy is a luxury confinement centre in Singapore located in Shangri-La Apartments and Hotel. Right off the bat, you can be sure that you’ll be staying in a pretty comfortable environment for at least the next month. 

Credit: SingJoy Facebook

During the first couple days of breastfeeding, it might be challenging as your newborn might breastfeed from 8 to 12 times a day. Sometimes, it might be a struggle to navigate through this new journey. Having been certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBCLC) in Postpartum recovery, you can be sure you’d be taken care of experts who truly understand the academics and science behind lactation. 

Besides, SingJoy also provides other services such as postpartum maternal recovery with body massages, as well as muscle recovery for your abdomen and pelvic area. If you’re looking for a confinement centre which provides postpartum care grounded in studies and science, this might be the place for you. 

4. The Clover Suites 

Serving you in style with a boutique postpartum confinement experience along East Coast, The Clover Suites is one of the two confinement centres in Singapore which offers nothing short of luxury. Here, they combine both Eastern and Western health beliefs and practices, branding themselves as an integrated wellness haven for mummies and babies. 

Especially for the new mums, you will be in for a treat. Not only will you be spoilt by post-natal massages from their in-house masseuses, there are also herb hair washes which combat hair loss, facial and spa services which focus on benefits such as recovery and slimming so you can feel your best in no time. 

Credit: The Clover Suites Facebook Page

While these may be a catch, The Clover Suites does not slip on the integral details – 24/7 care for babies, as well as a dedicated café lounge designed by professional dieticians for mummies to get their nourishment.   

If you’re someone who lives by bespoke experiences, this confinement centre in Singapore promises you (and your baby) a superb life. Start pampering them young! 

5. Kai Suites 

Transforming the typical idea of what a traditional confinement centre in Singapore looks like, KAI SUITES is more like… a hotel. Located along Dunearn Road in a heritage building, its unique take to luxurious postpartum confinement is the reason for its extensive media coverage during its launch in 2020.

You know this must be the real deal (not without its hefty price tag, though!) 

Credit: Kai Suites Singapore

Similar to The Clover Suites, KAI blends Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern gastronomy and dietary science to deliver the best of both worlds to new mummies and their babies. Here, you can expect 24-h expert care by nurses, weekly consultations with TCM practitioners, breast lactation massages, as well as in-room dining with food catered to the individual. 

Of course, we can’t forget access to facials, spas, herbal baths and a yoga studio. To better support mothers, KAI has also thoughtfully planned a Mothers’ Lounge which allows new mummies to socialise and find a community to avoid the build-up of postnatal depression. 

Choosing A Confinement Centre Which Suits Your Needs

Though there might be only few stay-in confinement centres in Singapore, each centre does provide a comprehensive list of services which promise to take good care of you and baby. However, when it boils down to choosing your centre of choice, some points of consideration would be to look at whether the centre is located near to your partner’s workplace or your home, as well as the proximity of it to hospitals or medical centres. 

Given the recent rise of luxury boutique confinement centres in Singapore these days, you might also want to consider if you are more inclined towards picking a traditional, no-frills approach to your confinement experience or a luxurious, bespoke one. 

Regardless of where you choose, we are sure these centres have the expertise to provide your family with the utmost, considerate care.


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