Mom And Dad12 Nourishing Confinement Food Delivery in Singapore: Halal, Chinese & Tingkat Options!

12 Nourishing Confinement Food Delivery in Singapore: Halal, Chinese & Tingkat Options!

A practise that’s commonly observed by mostly Asian cultures, confinement is an experience that many can relate to. And that’s because birthing a baby is no easy feat at all – best believe it to be a universal truth. Imagine having to nurse another human being in your womb for 9 whole months!

It is why taking time to intentionally heal is important – both for mummy herself, and for the nutrients that mummy has to provide for baby. This means resting adequately and eating the right foods.

But we understand how physically strenuous it can be to look for healthy and nourishing confinement food in Singapore, especially in a culture of heaty, spicy food.

Read on to find out about Tingkat services in Singapore, Halal Catering in Singapore, as well as other convenient confinement food delivery options.

1. Chilli Padi Confinement – No Preservatives, MSG, Flavourings

Chilli Padi Confinement supports new mums by providing healthy confinement food delivery that has no preservatives, MSG or flavourings. This company offers flexibility of packages, depending on whether you prefer a 1-week plan, or a 1-month long plan.

    Confinement Food Delivery: Chilli Padi Singapore
    Credit: Chilli Padi Confinement

Some dishes they offer are: white fungus rolls, boiled herbal chicken, ginseng chicken, papaya fish soup, and more. If anything, they would probably be reminiscent of the home cooked foods your grandma whips up for you!

Price: From $488 (7 days)

2. Chilli Manis – Peranakan Bento Sets

Though not specialised in confinement food delivery, Chilli Manis is a well-known Halal Catering in Singapore which does provide Peranakan bento meal services.

Credit: Chilli Manis Singapore

However, the flexibility from ordering Chilli Manis is not as accommodating as you’d have to order a minimum number of sets at a time. If you do not like to have the same menu everyday, maybe this will be good to share with your family – especially on a ‘cheat day’ if you don’t feel like eating clean.

Some menu items include kai lan with mushroom, golden cereal fish, pumpkin rice, tomato baked rice, and more.

Price: From $13.50 per set (with minimum order 25 sets)
Website: Chilli Manis – Bento Catering

3. Tian Wei – Chinese & Fusion Meals

Credit: Tian Wei Catering

Similar to Chilli Padi catering, Tian Wei also provides a 7 to 28 day confinement food delivery meal plans. What’s unique about Tian Wei is their variety of meal types – traditional, fusion, or simply soups. We get that mums may crave different flavours everyday, and this confinement food delivery does not limit your palette!

In the traditional menu, some items include braised pork trotter in black vinegar, stir fried pork liver with liquor, dry bak kut teh. In the fusion menu, you can expect hearty dishes such as coq au vin, salmon with califlower, fish fillet, etc.

Price: From $508 (7 days)

4. Rich Food Tingkat – 4-Course Tingkat Meal for the Family

If mum’s normally the chef in the house, Rich Food Tingkat will probably be your best bet. In your traditional Tingkat style, it serves up confinement food delivery for 2 to 8 pax – enough to feed your family! Each meal consists of a choice between 1 soup and 3 dishes, or 4 dishes total.

Credit: Rich Food Tingkat

The menu also changes on a weekly basis – so while some weeks might look like crispy cereal fish and watercress with pork rib soup, other weeks might allow you to indulge in stewed pork belly with salted vegetable.

(P.S.: First-time customers also have a special 5-days trial meal price starting from $95.88!)

Price: From $95.88 (5 days, for 2 pax)

5. Angel Confinement Meals – TCM & Organic Sources for Breastfeeding

Using Grade A TCM-approved herbs, Angel Confinement Meals is one of the confinement food delivery catering which uses organic produce. There are also various milk-boosting ingredients that help mummies with breastfeeding.

Credit: Angel Confinement Meals

Angel Confinement Meals packages their meals slightly differently – depending on your goal for confinement food delivery (vegetarian, collagen-boosting, post-surgery recovery, etc.), there are different foods available for you!

Some signatures include pig’s trotter in ginger and vinegar, cordyceps stew with herbal wine, dang gui chicken soup, and more…

Price: From $478 (7 days)

6. Zuo Yue Food – Hakka & Cantonese Confinement Food Delivery

Evident from its name, Zuo Yue Food has roots in Chinese confinement food delivery – more specifically, with influences from Hakka and Cantonese culture. For those who’re acquainted with the tastes of vinegar pork trotters, papaya thread fin soup, sesame oil chicken and the like, this confine food delivery might be it for you.

One of the perks of Zuo Yue Food, too, is you can purchase a la carte dishes! Of course, they also provide package meals from 7 to 28 days.

Credit: Zuo Yue Food

Price: From $40 (a la carte)

7. Relacto – To Boost Lactation

At the heart of Relacto, are 2 main goals – lactation boosting, as well as relaxation for new mummies. With these nourishment objectives in mind, Relacto has crafted their confinement food delivery menu around unique signature dishes such as Hakka braised pork with yam, black pepper wagyu beef, XO sea prawns with yam, and more.

The standard package options start from 7 days to 28 days, and you may even opt a longer duration of 40 days!

Credit: Relacto

Price: From $268 (7 days)

8. Mama-Meals – Home-based Halal Catering for Confinement

Credit: Mama-Meals (Noor_confinement_sg on Instagram)

A home-based business, Mama-Meals (@noor_confinement_sg on IG) is a Halal confinement food delivery in Singapore. Though they do not have a website, they do have stunning, personable testimonials from their community! One thing about Mama-Meals is the no-frills approach to their home cooked menu.

Although, you’d have to turn on your notifications for their new slots as it’s not always available, depending on the owner’s availability. When she’s not overwhelmed, the goodies from her kitchen include salmon quiche, beef lasagne, baked teriyaki, and even oat cookies!

Price: To enquire via DMs

9. Indian Confinement Food Delivery – “Just Like Another Mother!”

Yet another home-based business, Aunty Selvi is the master chef behind Indian Confinement Services. Not only does she offer confinement food delivery meals, she also provides baby massage baths.

For mummies who’re not a fan of fusion or Chinese cuisine, may the herbs and spices of Aunty Selvi’s delectable meals bring you joy this confinement. Some menu items are: chicken puttu, vegetable soup, egg masala, stir fried spinach, and more.

Credit: Indian Confinement Services (Instagram)

Customers, to her, are more like family. They boast about how her “food delivery boosted milk supply”, how she’s just “like another mother”, and how “she became part of my family in such a short time”.

Price: To enquire at 96774400 (Selvi)

10. Ummu Fazwill – Hearty Halal Catering in Singapore (Trusted by KOLs!)

Credit: Ummu Fazwill

A modern menu for mummies looking for Halal confinement meals, Ummu Fazwill has got you covered! Enjoyed by well-known ambassadors in the Malay community (property agent Ainon Talib, TV presenter Huda Ali, and Ria DJ Nity Baizura), you can be sure you’re in good hands for recovery!

Each meal consists of 3 dishes, 1 dessert, and a drink. You may choose from a 10 day plan, spanning to a 44 day plan. Expect tantalising dishes such as creamy casserole buttercorn chicken, green papaya ikan haruan soup, grilled javanese bumbu chicken thigh.

Price: From $550 (10 days)

11. KAI Cuisine – Premium, Locally-sourced Ingredients from Singapore Farms

Credit: KAI Cuisine

KAI Cuisine is an arm under the premium confinement centre for mummies, KAI. True to its atas brand, KAI cuisine aims to transform TCM-inspired confinement food into a gastronomy for new mums to enjoy. This means that sauces, condiments and seasonings are all made from scratch in-house.

Sourcing from local farms in Singapore, you can expect classics like dangui, Hakka yellow wine, and red lees pasta dishes! Packages run either 28 or 42 days.

Price: To enquire

12. Ukashah Confinement Halal Confinement with Unique Cuisine (Egyptian, Turkish, etc.)

Credit: Ukashah’s Confinement Meals (Instagram)

Helmed by 2 young parents, this Muslim-owned kitchen serves Halal confinement catering in Singapore, as well as healthy Tingkat meals. Recently featured in Channel News Asia, this kitchen boasts unique flavours from Egyptian, Turkish, Malay, and Chinese cuisine.

With the likes of paella rice, Turkish beef pide, beef rendang and more, this confinement food delivery menu is definitely a treat for foodie mummies. Their reservations run by monthly slots, so fastest fingers first!

Price: To enquire via DM

Now, whoever said staying at home and eating confinement food had to be boring has got it wrong. There’s more to confinement food delivery than just plain, bland vegetables. We’re talking rich and fulfilling meals here – liquor-based XO stews, Turkish beef pies, beef rendang, and chicken puttu!


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