ToddlerEnjoy Bintan With Toddlers: 8 Attractions & Resorts (#7 and #8 are...

Enjoy Bintan With Toddlers: 8 Attractions & Resorts (#7 and #8 are All-in-1 Pricing!)

“What to do in Bintan with toddlers?” would be the first question that pops in mind when parents with kids talk about the island. Many who’ve been to Bintan think it’s merely beaches and… resorts. But! That’s only the Northern Lagoi area that most Singaporeans are familiar with.

But what if we told you that the unexplored areas (like the South) hold richer Bintan attractions experiences like lush rainforest treks, mangrove walks, firefly walks, bonfire camps…

Singaporean travelusters seek new, thrilling experiences from faraway lands — but what if we can find it in right next to us, amidst Bintan resorts?

If you’ve stumbled upon this article – thank us later! You might wanna keep this your little family secret.

1. Visit A Fisherman Village & Have Seafood Lunch

KK Day: Bintan with Toddlers
Credit: KK Day

Akin to our Kelongs, the Senggarang Water Village is a floating town built on water! This village has a rich history of being one of Bintan oldest attractions — oldest Chinese villages, with temples dating back history.

For Singaporean parents who believe in travelling to gain greater perspective of different lifestyles, this is a family-friendly and educational experience to consider!

We’ve made it fuss-free for you: here are the 2 vendors, KKday and Pelago, who offer tickets (with seafood lunch provided, too!)… making travel to Bintan with toddlers simple and straightforward!

2. Spot Glistening Fireflies on Sebong River


With all the light pollution in Singapore, it can get pretty tricky to catch fireflies at night. Take the chance to be with nature during the dusty evening on this Bintan Fireflies Discovery Tour.

The 45 minute firefly-spotting experience is completed with a boat that’ll cruise you through the gentle breeze of Sebong River.

Not everyone grew up getting to see fireflies (I haven’t!) — so this would be a pretty solid memory for your child!

3. Scale Gunung Bintan (Mount Bintan)

Credit: Pelago

When doing my research, it shocked me to find out that Bintan’s home to a couple of lush rainforests and treks.

While there are many different hills, the most popular trek remains Gunung Bintan Adventure Trek (tallest summit of Bintan, 340m) – home to eagles, sunbirds, 40m-tall trees and waterfalls.

For a lesser known trek, there’s also Gunung Jantan (439m) which boasts a view of Singapore and the tip of Malaysian peninsula from its peak. This might be a considerable choice for adventurous families who prefer something more off-the-grid.

You can expect to spend about 2 to 4 hours in the wild for each trek so if you’re going to Bintan with toddlers, do make sure that they are up for it!

4. Ahoy! Boat & Boomnet Like A Pirate

What’s a boat & boomnet? Some of us may not be acquainted with this activity – so may this picture speak a thousand words!

Credit: Loola Adventure Resort, Bintan

It’s the holidays! Time to let your kids experience new thrills and fun they’ve never before – imagine soaring in the air for a good couple of seconds, before splashing into the off-shore waters of Riau Islands. Definitely one for the books.

Best part? Your boat will be chartered by the resort, and you’ll definitely be safe as there’s a net to catch your fall, as well as a guide for extra supervision.

5. Camp Overnight On A Survivor’s Island!

Credit: Loola Adventure Resort, Bintan

Definitely an out-of-the-ordinary experience, we reckon this one’s for adventurous families who’re up for a little challenge that makes the fun.

Think – cooking your own food, pitching your own tent, and digging your own toilets.

I mean… how many kids get to go back to school saying they camped out in an off-shore island in Riau Islands over the weekend?

6. Desert-Lite Glamping Experience [RESORT: AMNON]

Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse into the activities available on Bintan, where can you stay?

If, back at home, you’re into D-Resort and wacky staycay ideas like The Bus Collective, then you’d probably be a fan of this novel concept!

Credit: Agoda

The Amnon is a relatively new desert-concept resort that gives a whimsical, Bohemian vibe. Here, you’ll find a Tipi Bar, tent side BBQ, yoga mornings. Much like your eat-pray-love moment, at an average price of SGD$400 per weekend night.

If you’re looking for a more all-inclusive holiday to Bintan with toddlers, then this will be a great choice for you!

7. Provide Lifetime Clean Water For A Local Family With Your Stay! [RESORT: LOOLA]

Credit: Expat Living Singapore

On to the next, Loola Adventure Resort is slightly further away from the typical Bintan resorts – but for a good reason. On-site this breezy island, its offerings are dynamic – from adventures such as flying fox and coconut tree climbing to nature-related activities like mangrove kayaking and tree planting.

For parents who believe in purposeful travel, there’s also their own Safe Water Gardens which promotes sanitary water for local Bintan residents.

At a price of $125 per pax per night, all activities and food are covered! Plus, a family’s gifted a water filtration system with your stay!

8. Luxurious Living [RESORT: CLUB MED]

Credit: Club Med

If you’re the type of traveller who looks for a sense of familiarity wherever you go, perhaps an international brand may bring you an ease of mind.

Here, Club Med at Bintan brands themselves as an all-in-1 package resort – with offerings ranging from buffet lunches and cocktails to activities such as rock climbing, golf, kayaking, tennis, stand up paddling, yoga, and more (with some top-ups needed for exclusive activities).

Priced at average SGD$650 per weekend night, this is a spot for parents looking for a “no thoughts, head empty, chill out” kinda trip to Bintan with toddlers.

Parting Words Before You Board The Ferry!

Now that you’ve gotten the juicy bits of Bintan attractions and Bintan Resorts, no longer will you ask “what to do in Bintan?” anymore.

The best part – this island is only an hour away from Singapore, max two. With the all-in-1 package resorts available, it’s just made your weekend escapades much easier. All you have to do now is book your tickets, pack a couple of clothes, and you’re ready to experience a richer wildlife and nature.

Time to chill out! See you on the other side.


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