Preschooler5 Fun Farms In Singapore With Kid-Friendly Tours And Activities

5 Fun Farms In Singapore With Kid-Friendly Tours And Activities

This might come as a surprise to you, but did you know that there are over 238 farms in Singapore? Yes! Even in our urban city, we actually have farms that grow their own produce and rear their own animals.

Bringing your kids to visit these farms in Singapore is not only a fun activity, but it can also be very educational for them. They get to see actual farmers in action, pet animals up-close, and even plant and bring home farm-grown produce.

But, some farms are more suitable for adults while some have kid-friendly tours and activities. So in this quick guide, we’ve compiled the best farms in Singapore with kid-friendly tours and activities!

1. Edible Garden City: Nurture Budding Young Farmers At The Junior Urban Farmer Camp!

Credit: Edible Garden City

Centrally-located in Queenstown, Edible Garden City regularly organizes farming workshops and camps that aim to nurture an interest in growing all things green.

What we love about Edible Garden City is their Junior Urban Farmer Camp. In this camp, parents are required to leave their children in the capable hands of their trainers.

The Junior Urban Farmer Camp will educate your kids on ways to properly grow plants, see and touch friendly insects and critters and even bring home their own own plants and crafts.

Because parents will not be present during this camp, this is a fantastic way to let your little one bond and interact with other junior farmers in the camp. After being cooped up at home for so long, your kids will definitely benefit from the social interaction with other kids!

Credit: Edible Garden City

Another plus-point: Parents, once you drop-off your kids at the Junior Urban Farmer Camp you’ll finally have some alone-time with the hubby or wifey!

Price: $90 for half-day holiday programme, or $380 or 3 half-days holiday programme

Suitable for ages: 4-12

Duration: Half-day or 3 half-days

You can book tickets to the Junior Urban Farmer Camp (half-day) here!

You can book tickets to the Junior Urban Farmer Camp (3 half-days) here!

2. Jurong Frog Farm: A Fun & Educational Way To Learn More About Frogs

Credit: Jurong Frog Farm Facebook Page

If you’re looking for a unique farm activity in Singapore, then Jurong Frog Farm is definitely a place you should visit! Out of all the farms in Singapore, Jurong Frog Farm is the only heritage frog farm in Singapore and will provide your kids with an entertaining and educational experience that’s all about frogs.

Jurong Frog Farm has several tours and activities, but if you have younger children, then we recommend the one called “Gabbe’s Adventure” which is suitable for ages 2-8 years old.

Gabbe’s Adventure is about 75 minutes long, and your kids will immerse themselves in the adventures of the Frog Prince in the Frog Forest. There’s story-telling, frog-feeding activities and even a catch (and release) a tadpole activity!

Credit: Jurong Frog Farm Facebook Page

At the end of the Gabbe’s Adventure, your kids will even be able to bring home their own frog-themed headband as keepsake.

Here’s a breakdown of the entire itinerary:

  1. Welcome by in house guide and brief history of JFF
  2. Story telling: The Prince & the Frog Forest
  3. Get slimy in our ‘Hands-on-Frogs’ Show & Tell session
  4. Try balancing a full grown American bullfrog on your head and have your photograph taken! *Farmers’ Hat will be provided
  5. Frog Feed will be provided for a Frog Feeding Frenzy
  6. Chronicle of Gabbe’s Life Cycle
  7. Catch (& release) -A-Tadpole activity & Learn how to take care of tadpoles

This truly is a one-of-a-kind farm activity that your kids won’t be able to experience elsewhere!

Price: $18/pax

Suitable for ages: 2-8

Duration: 75 minutes

Check out Jurong Frog Farm’s website here to book your tour!

3. Gallop Kranji Farm Resort: For An Action-Packed ATV Adventure at Mud Krank

Credit: Mud Krank

Not sure if this actually belongs in a ‘Farms in Singapore’ article – but technically it’s in a farm and hey it’s something different! What if your kids are looking for an experience that’s more fast-paced and thrilling? Then head on over to Gallop Kranji Farm Resort and visit Mud Krank!

Mud Krank is currently the only ATV trail riding facility in Singapore designed for children. You can sign your kids up for Mud Krank’s ATV Adventure to satisfy your child’s appetite for a thrilling outdoor adventure!

Oh, and Mud Krank’s ATV adventures will continue whether it’s rain or shine for a true rugged outdoor experience. Perfect if you feel like your kid’s been too pampered recently.

Credit: Mud Krank

Even though the spirit of adventure is encouraged, you can rest assured that there are instructors present to teach your child how to ride the ATV. These instructors will also be present during the race to troubleshoot or assist your child.

Safety equipment will also be provided: a helmet, knee and elbow-guards so you don’t have to worry about lugging them down. Currently, this is the only ATV adventure specifically for children so everything here is catered specially for them.

The next time it rains and pours, and you’re wondering where to bring your kids – bring them here!

Price: $20 for weekdays, $25 for weekends

Suitable for ages: 4-12

Duration: 15 minutes, book more time slots for extended rides

Click here to book tickets for Mud Krank’s ATV Adventure!

4. City Sprouts: A Wholesome Agricultural Activity For Both Parents & Kids

Credit: City Sprouts

Letting your kids experience different adventures can be very satisfying – but what if you don’t want your kids to have all the fun? At City Sprouts, you can join your kids for their Guided Farm Tour that’s suitable for 2 adults and 2 kids. Of course, you can also just book the activity for your kids if you want!

What makes City Sprouts stand out from other farms in Singapore is that it has over 36 greenhouses! There’s lots to see and do – check out the vertical strawberry farm while you’re there. And while it’s called a tour, there are several hands-on activities too. We actually covered this tour in our previous article on kid-friendly activities to do in November.

Some activities that stand out are: being able to harvest your own aeroponically grown fresh produce to bring home and learning how to properly plant your own seedling.

Credit: City Sprouts Facebook Page

This tour involves both parents and kids, which is a really wholesome way to integrate some family time. City Sprouts is located at Henderson Road, and there’s a canteen within the vicinity so you can easily grab a meal before or after the tour.

Price: $150 for family of 4 (2 adults, 2 kids) or $35 per child

Suitable for ages: 3 years and above (adults are welcome too)

Duration: 2 hours

Book tickets to the Guided Farm Tour here!

5. Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum: A Great Place To See, Learn About & Even Touch Our Scaly Friends!

Credit: The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum Singapore

This probably not exactly a farm but with how up-close and personal your kids can get with the turtles and tortoises, it’s almost a farm-like experience!

At the Turtle & Tortoise Museum, terrapins and box turtles roam freely and will be an endless source of entertainment for your child.

Your child will be also be able to observe and interact with other unique tortoises and turtles too – such as the Six Legged Tortoise or the Soft Shell Turtle from India.

Credit: The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum Singapore

And if you’re really lucky, your family might even be able to get a rare glimpse of these reptiles mating!

The Turtle & Tortoise Museum is located in ORTO (near Khatib MRT) which means even after a visit to the museum the are plenty of activities to do in the vicinity – such as a visit to the nearby trampoline park!

Price: $10 for children under 6, $14 for adults and children above 6

Suitable for: All ages!

Duration: N/A

Book tickets to the Turtle & Tortoise Museum here!

If you’re looking for activities to do with your kids, then it’s definitely worth paying these farms in Singapore a visit! Not only will it be great to bring them for an outdoor, hands-on experience – but you’ll be supporting our local businesses too.

For more outdoor kid-friendly activities, check out our guide on the new Bukit Gombak Park here!

Or, if you’re looking for scooters for your kids to blaze (safely) around Singapore then check out our recommendations here!


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