Preschooler7 Best Ergonomic Kids School Bags For Toddlers In Singapore

7 Best Ergonomic Kids School Bags For Toddlers In Singapore

While you’re enjoying the year-end festivities, don’t forget to make sure that your toddler is prepared for his or her first day of school next year. One of the most important back-to-school items for your toddler is a high quality kids school bag. Choosing a kids school bag can be a pain in the neck, especially since there are so many choices for toddlers these days.

Your best bet would be to spend a little more for kids school bags that are ergonomic to help cushion your toddler’s spine. Here are some great ergonomic kids school bags for you to consider!

1) IMPACT Spinal Protection Backpack ($89.90)


The downside to ergonomic backpacks is that many of them tend to weight a little heavier, because of extra protective padding and features that come with the backpack. What makes the IMPACT Spinal Protection Backpack a great choice is that even though it’s ergonomic, it’s a relatively lightweight kids school bag. It has thick, cushioned shoulder straps which are very important, plus extra padding on to cushion your toddler’s lower back which helps with posture.

Like most backpacks, this has water bottle pockets, a main compartment and a front compartment.


IMPACT also prides itself as the only ergonomic brand that’s recommended by the Singapore Physiotherapy Association. Comes in 3 different colours that cater to both boys and girls!

Check out the IMPACT Spinal Support Backpack here!

2) Materns Ergonomic School Bag ($89)


The Materns Ergonomic School Bag is such a beautiful kids school bag, your toddler will surely be thrilled to have this! Weighing 0.88kg, this is also a reasonably lightweight ergonomic kids school bag. It has a boxy main compartment, which will give your toddler a lot of space for storage. On the sides, there are also two compartments – just note that unlike traditional school bag designs with a water bottle holder, these are zipped.

One considerate feature is that the rims of the backpack are reflective, which is always good to have especially if your toddler has to cross roads to get to school.


Comes with thick shoulder straps, and lots of padding on the backrest to protect your child’s spine. Functionality aside, what we love most about the Materns Ergonomic School Bag is the huge variety of beautiful designs! The colourful, eye-catching designs coupled with the fun, boxy shape of the bag makes the Materns Ergonomic School Bag a top choice.

Check out the Materns Ergonomic School Bag here!

3) Dr. Kong Toddler Backpack ($39.90)

Credit: Dr. Kong Singapore

Dr. Kong is a local Singaporean brand that specializes in affordable, ergonomic products such as shoes, in-soles and backpacks. If you’re looking for an ergonomic kids school bag but you want a more affordable option, then this will be a great choice. The Toddler Backpack from Dr. Kong is a simple, no-frills backpack that gets the job done. It’s super lightweight at just 0.4kg, making it suitable for preschoolers too.

What we like about this backpack is that it has a familiar and functional design that your kids will definitely be familiar with – with extra ergonomic elements that don’t go overboard. It has a main compartment, a front pouch and 2 water bottle compartments.

Credit: Dr. Kong Singapore

The shoulder straps and backrest are nicely padded too, which the brand claims can help prevent ’rounded shoulders’. A simple and functional choice!

Check out the Toddler Backpack from Dr. Kong here!

4) Deuter Pico Children’s Backpack ($59.90)

Credit: Deuter

Pico is Deuter’s line of backpacks for younger children. If you’re looking for a kids school bag from a brand that’s familiar to most of us, then you can consider this one! The Deuter Pico Children’s Backpack is super lightweight, at just 200g. With its weight, this is suitable for kids as young as young as 2!

This is a smaller sized backpack though, so it’s probably not suitable for primary school kids who have to carry several books to school. But, with it’s super cute designs and compact size, this will be perfect for preschoolers or kindergarteners. This bag has a lightly padded back, and S-shaped shoulder straps which allow for more even weight distribution to protect your child’s spine.

Credit: Deuter

While it doesn’t have a front pouch, it does have 2 compartments at the side to keep your child’s water bottle.

Check out the Deuter Pico Children’s Backpack here!

5) BIXBEE Sparkalicious Ergonomic Backpack ($58.95)

Credit: BIXBEE

Aren’t these school backpacks super adorable? The wings on this backpack are such a unique design feature! The BIXBEE Sparkalicious Ergonomic Backpack is also super sparkly, sure to get the attention of your child’s friends in school. This kids school bag is only 0.45kg, and it’s on the smaller side so this is more suitable for preschoolers up till kindergarteners.

While it’s definitely a very flashy bag, it does have ergonomic attributes to help protect your child’s spine too. The shoulder straps are thick and padded, and the entire back panel is softly padded as well.

Credit: BIXBEE

In terms of functionality, it has a main compartment, a front pouch and also 2 side compartments for your toddler’s water bottle. The design shown here is more suitable for girls, but they have other cute designs that boys will like too!

Check out the BIXBEE Sparkalicious Ergonomic Backpack here!

6) Mountaintop School Backpack ($19.99)

Credit: MOUNTAINTOP via Amazon

If you’re looking for a super lightweight option for younger kids, then the Mountaintop Mini Backpack is an excellent choice. Weighing only about 0.25g, this small backpack is ideal for kids aged 2-4 years old.

This bag has a main compartment, a front zipper compartment and 2 side compartments for your toddler’s water bottle.

In terms of ergonomic features, the backrest is entirely padded, and the thick S-shaped shoulder straps help to protect your toddler from developing rounded shoulders. Comes in a large variety of colours, so your child will be spoilt for choice!

Check out the Mountaintop School Backpack here!

7) Mygreen School Bag ($42.61)

Credit: mygreen via Amazon

Here’s another lightweight option for kids aged 3 and above! This fashionable school backpack comes in a variety of designs, from cute dinosaurs to planes, to foxes. Weighing only 0.44kg, this is great for preschoolers and kindergarteners who have less to carry. This backpack is made from polyester, so it’s water resistant and easy to clean.

Credit: mygreen via Amazon

It has simple but functional ergonomic features such as a padded shoulder straps, and a padded back rest that facilitates ventilation and air flow. It has a main compartment, a front pouch and 2 side compartments for your toddler’s water bottle. As a nice bonus, you’ll also get a matching coin pouch that can be attached to the bag!

Check out the Mygreen School Bag here


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