Baby12 Meaningful Singaporean Chinese Names For Baby Boys

12 Meaningful Singaporean Chinese Names For Baby Boys

Deciding on a meaningful Chinese name for your baby boy is a huge responsibility for parents. In Chinese culture, it’s believed that the names we give our children will also impart certain values and traits that we want our children to have.

And if you and your spouse both ‘jiak gan dang’ (eat potato/only speak English) it’s probably even more stressful because the both of you probably only know 小明 which is probably not a very desirable name to give your child.

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There’s quite a bit of complexity behind a Chinese name, so before we get into the 27 meaningful Singaporean Chinese names for baby boys, you should know a little about how a Chinese name is structured.

The Structure Of A Good Chinese Name

Singaporean Chinese names typically consist of 3 characters. Sometimes, parents only give their children names with 2 characters (family surname + given name) but this is more commonplace in mainland China. Singaporean Chinese names typically have 3 characters, usually following the structure below:


Using this structure, the Spreading Character is consistent amongst all your children with the last character being unique to each child. (Eg. Wei Jie, Wei Wen). Sometimes, the Spreading Character is the third character (Eg. Ai Ling, Mei Ling).

Personally, my family uses this naming structure too – and I do feel it’s pretty cool to share the 2 characters with my brothers!

Of course, it’s perfectly fine not use a Spreading Character for your children’s names too if you prefer. Now, with that out the way, let’s go straight into 12 Meaningful Singaporean Chinese Names For Baby Boys.

1. Chén Guāng (辰光)

Literally translates to ‘morning light’, ‘rays of light’ or ‘daylight’, this is a beautiful name for a boy. A great choice if you want your little one to be someone cheerful and happy.

2. Băo Shàn (宝善)

This name is great for parents who want to their children to be prosperous and kind. 宝 (băo) means treasures or wealth, while 善 (shàn) means generosity or charitable. A great name choice if you want to raise the next wealthy philanthropist!

3. Chén Xuān (晨轩)

晨 (chén) means ‘morning’ while 轩 (xuān) means ‘lofty’. Combined, this name paints a picture of a beautiful morning in a high place. A meaningful name that also rolls off the tongue nicely.

4. Dà Wěi (大伟)

Meaning ‘strong and extraordinary’, this is very masculine name for a boy. This name is also simple to write, which some believe signifies a life with less complications.

5. Dé Liàng (德亮)

Do you want your son to be someone who’s kind and righteous? Then this will be a great name for your baby boy! 德 (dé) means ‘virtuous’ and ‘respectable’ while 亮 (Liàng) means ‘bright light’, which is a beautiful combination for a name.

6. Hóng Jùn (鸿隽)

鸿 (hóng) can be interpreted as either ‘vast’ or ‘wild swan’ so this is a pretty interesting name! Combined with 隽 (jùn) which means ‘talented’ and ‘handsome’, your boy’s name will mean ‘vastly handsome/talented’, or a ‘handsome wild swan’ which is pretty cool too.

7. Huàn Míng (焕明)

This is a simple but meaningful name. Both characters translate into ‘brilliance’ or ‘bright light’, which is a beautiful name for a boy.

8. Jiān Qiáng (坚强)

Want your little boy to grow up strong and healthy? Both Chinese characters in this name mean ‘firmness’ and ‘power’, which signifies masculinity and great health.

9. Jié Shī (洁诗)

Maybe you and your spouse both love art, and hope that your son develops the same interest too. This is a meaningful name which translates to ‘pure poetry’.

10. Kè Qiáng (克强)

克 (kè) means ‘victory’ or ‘overcome’ and 强 (qiáng) means ‘strength’. If you want you bless your son with the strength to overcome all challenges in life, then this is name is highly suitable!

11. Sōng Yě (松野)

Another great name which is inspired by the beauty of nature. 松 (sōng) means ‘fir tree’ and 野 (yě) means ‘wilderness’. This name is both graceful and masculine.

12. Xù Dōng (旭东)

Literally translates to ‘Sun rising in the east’, which makes this both a beautiful and majestic name for a boy.

Meaningful Singaporean Chinese Names For Boys – Other Things To Note

Depending on how closely you want to follow Chinese culture, there are other factors that come into play when choosing a ‘good’ name for your child.

For example, you can also pay attention to the number of strokes in each character. Some Chinese believe that a meaningful Chinese name needs to have yin (even number of strokes) and yang (odd number of strokes) for it to be harmonious.

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In Chinese geomancy, practitioners also believe that each person’s name needs to have a balance of the 5 elements (earth, wood, fire, metal and water) and this is what fortune-tellers sometime use to read your fortune!

But of course, how far you want to read into these traditions is really up to you and your spouse. We hope that this list of meaningful Singaporean Chinese names for boys has helped you out!


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