Mom And Dad11 Bakeries In Singapore To Find The Perfect Mother's Day Cake

11 Bakeries In Singapore To Find The Perfect Mother’s Day Cake

As they always say – what celebration is complete without a cake? This Mother’s Day, as we honour one of the greatest loves of them all, we’ve put together a list of local bakeries to hunt for your Mother’s Day cake. 

(Psst… for those who don’t yet know, the occasion falls on 8 May. So you’ve still got about a week to get your orders in!) 

1. Zee and Elle 

This year, Zee & Elle’s Mother’s Day cake series (from $58) follows a garden series theme – so you can expect floral fondants and dainty décor. If your family isn’t very much into cakes, they also have a tart alternative.  

To top off your cakes, they are also throwing in a flower bouquet bundle package, starting at $115 for both the tart and bouquet!  

Mother's Day Cake from Zee and Elle
Credit: Zee and Elle

Price: From $58 


2. Janice Wong 

Any chocolate fanatic must have heard of Janice Wong. If your mum is one of them, this Mother’s Day cake may just be something right up her alley.

This year, Janice Wong’s collection features 2 unique treats – tulip chocolate bon bons ($50) in 5 seasonal flavours and a pink guava and hazelnut cake ($78). You can choose to top the celebration off with a bottle of wine for the cake, or a bouquet of flowers for the bon bons. 

Credit: Janice Wong

Price: From $50 


3. Baker’s Brew 

For a pink themed Mother’s day cake setup, you might want to check out Baker’s Brew for their cakes and cupcakes. 

Their Mother’s Day cake is made with layers of rose mousse scream and fresh raspberry compote, topped off with gold flakes and macarons ($68.80). If you find cakes a little too filling, opt for their cupcakes ($39.80 for a box of 6) which come in berries, lychee mango and vanilla flavours! 

Can’t decide? Get both for $108! 

Credit: Baker’s Brew

Price: From $39.80 


4. Windowsill Pies 

While they are not currently running a Mother’s Day cake series, Windowsill Pies is a go-to for those who prefer a non-conventional dessert celebration. 

From apple frangipane and rum to s’mores and strawberry lemon meringue, the list of novel flavours they have to offer will leave you spoilt for choice. Lucky for you – they do offer an assortment box of 10 slices so you get all the varieties! 

Credit: Windowsill Pies

Price: Average $65 for a pie 


5. Elijah Pies 

For another alternative pie option, another must-try is Elijah Pies. While their designs are minimalistic, they are nothing short of an edible yummy artwork (explains their popularity among the IG masses these days!) 

Here, they offer flavours such as matcha, speculoos hojicha, wild berry lavender and earl grey rose. If your mama loves something more savoury, they also have black truffle mash and scallop chowder. 

Price: From $47 for a pie 


6. Bob the Baker Boy 

With only one option for this year’s Mother’s day cake, Bob the Baker boy is serving up a unique garden-themed standing cake, serving up to 10 pax. 

You can choose from a total of 9 flavours – whether it is the classic milk or belgian chocolate, something more local like the pandan ondeh ondeh, or a zestier option such as uji matcha passionfruit and vanilla osmanthus oolong.

Credit: Bob the Baker Boy

There’s definitely got to be something queen bee will be satisfied with!  

Price: $69.90 


7. Lisse Cakes 

If you’re planning on throwing an extravagant Mother’s day celebration, Lisse Cakes’ Marmee’s Sweet Tower ($160) will not disappoint. With a 5 inch cake base, this Mother’s day cake will stun your madré with a 12 inch tall cone with macarons, meringues and floral décor. 

Alternatively, they also have cupcakes ($78) sprinkled with edible chocolate hearts, macarons and embossed fondant for the occasion. 

Price: From $78 


8. Here for Cakes 

If a huge Mother’s day cake is not what you’re looking for, Here for Cakes does offer other elegant alternatives for you in pastel hues. 

While Here for Cakes does also offer tiered cakes, this option makes perfect for those who’re looking to celebrate simply with sugar cookies ($3.80 per piece), macarons ($60 for 20 macarons), petit two-tier cakes (from $68) or bento cakes (from $29.90).

Perhaps a dessert side table? The possibilities are endless! 

Credit: Here for Cakes

Price: Varies 


9. Two Bake Boys 

Crepes or cakes? Just have a whole crepe cake. 

Priding themselves in fresh made-to-order crepe cakes delicately constructed layer by layer, you can expect this month’s flavours to include thai tea, yuzu, MSW durian, lychee rose, vanilla strawberry and more. 

As always, we know you might not be able to make up your mind with all the variety. Two Bake Boys also offers a DIY box for you to mix up all the fun! 

Price: Average $56 for a whole cake 


10. Cake Delight SG 

For Halal cake options, Cake Delight has minimalist drip cake designs. While they do not have a Mother’s day cake theme, you can be sure you won’t be disappointed with their sophisticated flavours (from $91). Think earl grey valrhona yuzu, lychee rose, red velvet and callebaut hazelnut. 

If you’re looking for custom bakes (from $135), they do exquisite designs ranging from marble, floral wreath and gold flakes to mermaid-themed ones. 

Price: From $91 for cakes 


11. Lele Bakery 

Lele Bakery is known for their cute, quirky customised cake designs. If burning a hole in your wallet for a designer bag just isn’t your thing, you can opt for the next alternative – a Mother’s day cake which looks just like it. 

From Chanel box and Gucci cakes to mahjong poker cakes, this bakery can produce virtually anything you want. 

Credit: Lele Bakery

Price: From $98 for customised cakes 


Now, there we have it! With Mother’s Day just right around the corner, there’s no delaying. We’re sure the bakeries will be piled with orders in no time – so it’s time to get clicking and get your pre-orders in for your Mother’s Day cakes.


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