Baby12 Best Newborn Photoshoot Studios In Singapore

12 Best Newborn Photoshoot Studios In Singapore

There’s nothing better than welcoming life. With the arrival of newborns, there’s always a strong connection – a deep, intense love and purity. And you know what they say about these young ones, “the days are long but the years are short”. 

What better way than to celebrate a precious new life than to capture their first moments? 

Whether you are looking for a newborn photoshoot or a family photoshoot to feature the new kid on the block, here are some highly-accredited photographers you can trust: 

1. Bows and Ribbons Photography 

Bows and Ribbons exudes super cottage-core vibes! Their photos make you feel like you are in a secluded wood cabin, busking in the simple and warm pleasures of being in family’s company. It is sophisticated, boasts bold and vibrant colours – all through the lens of genuine affections. 

With Bows and Ribbons, you can also choose between a boutique studio shoot or an at-home shoot. 

Credits: Bows and Ribbons Photography

IG handle: @bowsandribbonsphotography 


Rates: From $1080 for a 1-hour studio, baby-only session 

2. Bambini Photography 

Bambini Photography has come a long way since their beginnings in 2009, expanding their menu of services from children and family portraits to include maternity and newborn photoshoots. 

Here, you can expect 3 different studio spaces for different shoots – with a dedicated studio just for newborn photoshoots. 

(Bonus: they even have a built-in bath tub for maternity milk bath. All ‘bout that additional oomph!

Credits: Bambini Photo SG

IG handle: @bambiniphotosg 


Rates: Upon enquiry 

Contact number: 8717 1558 

3. Meadow Lullabies

If you’re a fan of neutral tones, and you prefer a more rustic set-up for your photoshoots then Meadow Lullabies is an excellent newborn photoshoot choice! Meadow Lullabies draws inspiration from the charm of the countryside, even going the extra mile to acquire fabrics and props from Europe to create the perfect photoshoot.

Expect an immaculate eye for detail, as even the way fabrics are draped is paid attention to.

On top of newborn photoshoot services, Meadow Lullabies also provides maternity and family photoshoot services as well.

Credit: Meadow Lullabies

IG handle: @meadowlullabies


Rates: Upon enquiry 

Contact number: 9191 8015

4. Mamamiyo Photography 

Mamamiyo offers a choice of either an in-studio newborn photoshoot or one at the comforts of your own home. At $558, the package includes a 2-hour photoshoot, 3 sets of solo baby photos and 1 set of family photos. Costumes and props are included as well, so you don’t have to stress over cute outfits for the baby! 

What’s cute is that you can even request for your baby to be edited into creative backdrops – just like this cutie sleeping soundly on the sweet, sweet B&J’s! 

Credits: Mamamiyo Photography

IG handle: 


Rates: From $558 for a 2-hour shoot 

Contact number: 9760 0798 

5. Ashley Low Photography 

Ever watched Alice in Wonderland? This is the one place where you can re-create just that look for babies 2 to 6 weeks old. 

Vibrant colours, woody tones, and flowers in full bloom. At the centre of the beautiful set up – your serendipitous newborn. This is what newborn photography is all about – capturing them at their purest. 

Credits: Ashley Low Photography

We’ll let the photos do the talking. 

IG handle: @ashleylowphotography 


Rates: Upon enquiry 

Contact number: 6443 3953 or 9640 3774 

6. Ella Wong Photography 

For those who prefer a cosy, no-frills capture for your newborn photoshoot, this might also be an option you would like to consider.

Clean backdrops with your serene newborn taking the lead of the show. 

Credits: Ella Wong Photography

IG handle: @ellawongphotography 


Rates: Upon enquiry 

7. Studio Kinu Co 

Studio Kinu might not specialise in specifically newborn photography, but they do believe in producing work which showcases the intimacy of kinship. Their sets put a modern twist to tradition – so you can the shoot to be a comfortable one, with photos telling a pretty good story of what being grounded in family looks like to you. 

If you’re looking to do a newborn photoshoot specially to feature the new addition to the family, this might just be a top pick. 

Credits: Studio Kinu Co

IG handle: 


Rates: From $320 for a 20 minute, 4 pax session 

Contact number: 9011 9702 

8. Fion Boon Photography

Being experts in photograpy for babies, newborns and families, Fion Boon Photography puts an elegant twist to newborn photoshoots while still capturing much of the calm. 

For a three-hour session, you can be rest assured that this studio takes the best care of both mum’s and their babies – with feeding, soothing baby and diaper changing services. Come hassle-free as all props and outfits will also be included! 

Credits: Fion Boon Photography

IG handle: @fionboonphotography  


Rates: Upon Enquiry 

Contact number: 9121 8879 

9. White Room Studio

Awarded the best portrait photographer by Singapore Tatler in 2021, this was not a first for White Room Studio (in fact – its 5th year running!) Their portfolio extends from children and pet, to glamour and bridal, boasting of their diverse expertise. 

Their newborn photoshoots feature the quiet, intimate bond that these angels have with both their siblings and parents. Their natural light studio ensures that the photos come out looking classic, focused, and no-frills. 

Credits: White Room Studio

Sure to make your hearts melt when you dig these photos up in a decade’s time. 

IG handle: @whiteroomstudio 


Rates: Upon Enquiry 

Contact Number: 6235 7037 or 8769 6003 

10. Bobby Kiran Co 

Having shot familiar names such as Kimberly Chia, Mongabong and ladyironchef, you can be sure this team will deliver only quality photos. 

Although their niche does not lie in newborn photoshoot for babies exclusively, their style lies largely in creative, vibrant landscapes with warm tones for family photoshoots, maternity shoots, and weddings. Pretty wholesome, you can imagine! 

Credits: Bobby Kiran Co

IG handle: @bobbykiranyeo  


Rates: Upon enquiry 

Contact number: 8484 4052 

11. Anna Panchenko Photographer 

Anna Panchenko believes in tender moments being captured genuinely on camera. Having had 14 years of experience now, she specialises in newborn photoshoots and has had over 400 clients under her belt. 

You might also be pleased to know that she believes in the importance of teamwork and chemistry between both photographer and client – especially since handling a newborn is precarious work! 

She aims to create work which paints a picture of happy moments in your happy home. 

Credits: Anna Panchenko Photographer

IG handle: @beautynewborn 


Rates: Upon enquiry 

Contact number: 9757 3771 

12. Koji Photography 

Koji Photography puts an interesting touch to newborn photoshoots – featuring babies in cute setups, giving these little angels a huge personality to them. 

They have been in this industry since 2012, specialising in baby and newborn photography.

Credits: Koji Photography

Tell us this photo doesn’t make you go awwww

IG handle: @koji_photography 


Rates: Upon enquiry 

Contact number: 9183 8366 

Now that you’ve got a list of some of the best newborn photoshoot studios and photographers in town, it’s time to get snapping away! 

If this is your first time getting a newborn photoshoot, it would be good to think about some factors including how experienced the photographer is with handling and managing newborns, how comfortable you feel with him/her, and whether there is chemistry in the working relationship. 

After all, you do want your photos to come out looking as authentic as possible. Only with someone who fits the bill, will you be able to get the perfect shots! 

Lastly, if you’re looking to dress up your newborn in some cute clothes for the photoshoot, check out our article on the 7 Best Places For Affordable Baby Clothes In Singapore!


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