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9 Best Parks in Singapore for Kids With The Best Activities and Views

The weekend fun has come around – it’s time to rack your brains to think about an itinerary to keep the kids occupied. Perhaps you’ve covered all bases from River Safari and the Zoo to Universal Studios, but lucky for you, there are plenty of parks in Singapore for you to check out still. 

With facilities like huge playgrounds, wetland trails and water sports, here are some of the best parks in Singapore to checkout. 

1. Hort Park: For an Interactive Flora-Filled Southern Stroll 

hort favourite for families, this park in Singapore teems with activities. Nestled opposite Gillman Barracks known for its hipster art and F&B scene, you can expect Hort Park to be equally as whimsical.  

With a variety of differently themed gardens, you can enjoy an interactive stroll past the many varieties of fauna here. The highlight includes Silver Garden which almost transports you beautiful English greenery, a Butterfly Garden, Therapeutic Garden, and many more. 

Best parks in Singapore: Hort Park
Credits: thinkinGardens

For an interactive experience, your kids will find much to do in the nature playgarden with highlights including: The Stream where you can control the flow water flowing from log into the ground, a Log Valley with mini wooden bridges to jump over, as well as The Singing Seeds where they can stimulate their musical talents by playing a tune with bamboo poles. 

Credits: National Parks Board

2. Pasir Ris Park (Carpark E): For the chilled-out water sport junkies 

You might think that a neighbourhood park as Pasir Ris may not offer much – but if you look hard enough, you will be able to find a quaint spot at the ends of Pasir Ris Park nearing Carpark E. 

At Ohana Beach House, you can rent kayaks, stand-up paddles, canoes paddle boats and sails. If you’re feeling something slightly more adrenaline-stimulating, a water trampoline might work perfect for the kids! Definitely a good spot to visit for Easties who might be too lazy to make a travel all the way to Sentosa. 

In the evening, you can take a stroll down the beachline or simply chill at the bar for some dinner while you take in the sunset. 

Credits: World Orgs 

3. West Coast Park (Area 3): For a huge playzone and picnics at the Main Lawn 

With possibly one of the largest playground areas among the parks in Singapore, this park features several play zones. Here are some you would want to keep your eyes peeled for: 

Pyramid Play Zone: come dressed in your most comfortable get-up as you might want to scale up the climbing pyramid here, before moving along to a mini obstacle course. 

Credits: TripAdvisor

Zip Line Play Area: for the more adventurous, they can fly themselves across the sandy playground! 

Credits: Kids ‘R’ Simple

If your kids are slightly younger, there are also other play zones here like the Viking Ship playground which features swings, as well as a Toddler Play area perfect for kids aged 2 and above. 

Once your kids have exhausted their energies, you can move to the Grand Lawn area – perfect for a picnic or some kite-flying. 

Credits: NParks

4. Labrador Nature Reserve: Seaside Views, Nature Walks and Historical Relics 

Covering over 10 hectares worth of land, you can expect Labrador Park to be home to a myriad of fun. From seaside views and nature walks to historical landmarks and playgrounds, this park in Singapore is almost a one-size-fits-all destination! 

On a nice Sunday off, you can start exploring Labrador Park by first taking a stroll along the most accessible part of the reserve (nearest to Carpark B). From there, you can either choose to head left, go straight ahead or turn right. Each choice leads you to a different side of the park – respectively, the sandy playground with see-saws and war relics, Labdrador Nature and Coastal Walk, as well as Singapore’s only public rocky sea cliff. 

Credits: National Parks Board
Credits: Just Ran Lah!

5. Changi Bay Park Connector Network: Jeju Island Getaway 

For those who might be wondering why this particular PCN is coined the park in Singapore which looks like Jeju Island, you will be taken in by its stunning coastline (especially with paddle pop evening skies), as well as the romantic flora which sways along the wind. 

Credits: Tiffany Tan from SG PCN Facebook Group 

Recently opened to the public in January, Changi Bay PCN is located near the coastline. As part of the 75-km long Eastern Half route of the Round Island Route, this park connector spans across Sengkang, East Coast Park and Singapore River. 

For families who are looking for an easy post-dinner stroll with great views, this might just be your go-to spot. 

6. Kranji Coastal Nature Park: For some family-friendly mangrove fun 

If you’ve always enjoyed getting your shoes down and dirty in the mud, Kranji Coastal Nature Park might entice you with a wetland reserve. The upside? It has  a family-friendly extension which allows families to appreciate its nature environment while avoiding any muddy, gravel paths. 

For starters, there is a Junior Adventure Trail near the Visitor’s Centre, built as a little obstacle course to simulate mangrove structures for kids to jump about. There’s also a mangrove gallery which features exhibits and information for your kids to learn more about the biodiversity they are about to uncover! 

Credits: Klook

Moving closer in, there is a Coastal Trail which allows you to walk a well-paved 1.3km boardwalk above the coastline. Further in, there’s also a mudflat exploratory trail which features a rope bridge which allows you to get upclose with.

Credits: Lobangz Hunter

Recognised as a site of importance for migratory birds, there are also a couple of bird-watching decks such as the Eagle Point and Little Heron deck – if you are lucky, you might just catch a couple flying across! 

7. Bedok Reservoir Park: for a Forest Adventure and foodie families 

If zipping 300m across the water sounds like just the fun for you, then Bedok Reservoir Park could fit your itinerary for the weekend afternoon. At this park in Singapore, it uniquely offers a Forest Adventure which includes a variety of high elements. Fret not about whether it is age-appropriate for your kids – they have different elements available for kids of all ages. 

Credits: Forest Adventure Singapore

Apart from these adventures, there are also other activities like kayaking and a designated fishing area for the enthusiasts. Once you have expanded every ounce of energy and the kids have had their fair share of fun, Reservoir Village offers a ton of foodie options – whether it is udon, pastas or sweet treats that you are craving, you can be sure to find one which satiates your cravings. 

8. Bukit Batok Nature Park: For a lush view of the quarry 

The plaza at Bukit Batok Nature Park is probably one of the main highlights. At this plaza, you can admire the view of a quarry and the transmission tower. Translated, it just means this park in Singapore will make you feel like you’re out of our little red dot for a split second. The quaint spot, amidst the lush greenery, reminds you of a mountaintop in China or Taiwan. 

Credits: National Parks Board

Further up from the quarry is playground which features balancing beam, a mini climbing wall and a metal climbing dome. The best part? All on sand! Talk about nostalgia of the sandy playground days. 

9. Jurong Lake Gardens: For a Quiet, Scenic Boardwalk 

Finally, another gem located in the West is the third and newest park in Singapore which covers over a 90ha space. Its huge landmarks are not without reason – it features the Clusia Cove which simulates a mini beach where children can take a dip amidst surrounding sand, a 2.3ha Forest Ramble playground with 13 different adventure stations, as well as the popular Rasau Boardwalk along the water. 

If you’re up for somewhere a little closer to untouched nature, Neram Streams allows you to walk along a trail which helps channel stormwater from the surrounding gardens into Jurong Lake. 

Credits: Visit Singapore

Now that you know where some of the best parks in Singapore are, there’s no reason to stay home languishing all day this weekend! Anytime you feel like you need a time out from the urban jungle, simply head down to one of these lush greenery near you for a fun, experiential time with your kids. 

As a bonus, we’ve also done a recent review on one of the newest parks in Singapore: Bukit Gombak Park. Check it out here!


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