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10 Of The Best Pasar Malams in Singapore from May till June 2022

Pasar Malams in Singapore are known to be a signature trademark of every Singaporean kid’s childhood growing up. Having been deprived from these pop-ups due to COVID, our neighbourhoods are now ready to be bustling with life again. 

Whether you are staying in the North, East or North-East, here are some Pasar Malams in Singapore you can look forward to visiting:  

1. Bedok Central 

Forget the cafes in Bedok. Now that Pasar Malams in Singapore are slated to open in full force, this is a guilty pleasure that any Singaporean cannot be missing out on. 

As with other big markets, this Pasar Malam is also the temporal home to the famous Teochew Meat Puff and Tutu Kueh Specialist, Chub Tutu. 

Pasar Malams In Singapore: Bedok
Credit: Mothership SG

Date: 3 to 22 May 

Location: Outside Bedok Central NTUC, Singapore 460216

2. Tanjong Pagar Plaza 

Located in the heart of the CBD, Tanjong Pagar Plaza’s Pasar Malam may just be the cheap thrill for those who are seeking comfort food after work. 

Here, you can expect the classic food you’d find at any good Pasar Malams in Singappore – Ramly Burger, shark’s fin soup, tutu kueh, sweet potato balls, and more. Once you’re done filling your bellies, feel free to stroll along the stretch to window shop for homeware, bags, and even potted plants! 

Credit: TODAY Online

Date: 9 May to 13 May; 16 to 20 May; 23 to 27 May 

Location: Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Singapore 080008

3. Tampines Street 81 

For the Easties and those staying in Tampines, we bring good news to you! If you’re not one to jostle amidst the usual crowd at Tampines MRT’s Pasar Malam, there’s another market popping up at Street 81 from 7 to 22 May. 

A stone’s throw away from Tampines West MRT station, here, you can feast on cheesy kebabs, Ramly burgers, Thai milk tea and vadai. You can even bring home a few boxes of durians and Okonomi-yaki (Japanese pizzas) from here! 

Once you’re satisfied with your fill, claw machines and nostalgic carnival games will await you. 

Credit: Eat and Travel with Us

Date: 7 to 22 May 17

Location: Tampines 826 (Tampines West MRT), Singapore 520826

4. West Mall 

The West Mall Pasar Malam is one of the 5 Pasar Malams in Singapore helmed by TLK Events and Lighting. Located at Bukit Batok, here, there’s a great variety of stalls which will be guaranteed to keep your tummies filled for dinner! 

Think Taiwanese snacks like crispy fried chicken from Emo Snacks and local delights such as the famed Teochew Meat Puff. To get your tastebuds tantalising with different cuisines, there’s also Vadai, Ramly burger, Kebabs and Thai food that you can’t miss out on. 

We’d definitely suggest you go on an empty stomach. 

Pasar Malams In Singapore - Tampines
Credit: TLK Events

Date: 9 May to 22 May 

Location: 1 Bukit Batok Central Link, Singapore 658713

5. Vista Point Blk 548 

For the Northies – you’re not forgotten! Another destination on the map, TLK Events and Lighting has also planned for a Pasar Malam at Woodlands. 

Accessible from either Woodlands MRT or Admiralty MRT, this market opens in the heart of neighbourhood sundry stores. If you’re feeling a little restless this evening, just take a bus down to this Pasar Malam and start your little gai-gai adventures!  

Date: 14 to 29 May  

Location: Blk 548 Woodlands Drive 44, #01-15 Vista Point Singapore 730548

6. Tampines MRT 

If you’ve missed the Pasar Malam at the other side of Tampines, simply head down to this one right next to Tampines MRT! 

For most Easties, this major Pasar Malam in Singapore needs no introduction. From flavoured soda and Thai milk tea to takoyakis, more Ramly burgers, cup corn and kebabs, it’s time to get our eyes peeled to see what’s in store for us this year. 

Credit: Must Share News

Date: 28 May to 16 June 

Location: Beside Tampines MRT 

7. Punggol Pasar Malam (Date edited)

Throughout the years, Punggol Pasar Malam has never failed to show up next to the MRT – just opposite Waterway Point. While some plans have been disrupted this year and the pop-up has been postponed, fret not – they are still making a strong return from tentatively 25 June onwards. 

Credit: Confirm Good Blog

Date: 25 June to 10 July 

Location: Beside Punggol MRT

8. Kovan 

While this Pasar Malam near Kovan MRT might not be the most impressive in terms of size as compared to other Pasar Malams in Singapore, it certainly does not lack. Those who have visited the Pasar Malam at Ang Mo Kio may find a familiar wooden furniture stall here – but not just that, there are also bags, wallets and belts to be bought. 

For those who are more interested in novel food options, there are spicy mala and chicken cheese sausages, as well as Thai fried ice cream rolls. There are, of course, your typical snacks like fried shrimp cakes, seaweed chicken, Taiwan sausages, muah chee, and more. 

Date: Till 29 May 

Location: Outside Heartland Mall, Singapore 530205

9. Pasir Ris Central  

Over the past few years, this stretch of night market near Pasir Ris Central has no doubt caught the eye of many living in the area. While we can’t yet be sure what goodies will be sold this year, a gauge of the delicacies in the previous years include fried Oreos, fried mac and cheese, Vadai, Otah and Keropok! 

The tenants are prepping for business in the upcoming week, and we’re sure they won’t disappoint. The only left to do is show up and ready your bodies for some calorie intake!  

Date: 30 May to 19 June 

Location: Pasir Ris Blk 440 and 104 (Singapore 510440 and 510104)

10. Sengkang MRT 

It seems the North-East might be a popular hot spot for the poppin’ of Pasar Malams in Singapore. One of the latest markets to come on board, Sengkang MRT will be welcoming their own rendition of bazaar food and games come 18 June – so be sure to look out for that! 

Date: 18 June to 3 July 

Location: Outside Sengkang MRT

With 10 Pasar Malams in Singapore awaiting you, there’s no need to worry if you’ve missed out on Geylang Serai’s Bazaar. It’s not too late to eat your fill and snag some delicious guilty pleasures here!

Want to plan a full day’s outing for the kids? Before feasting at one of the Pasar Malams in Singapore, why not spend the day at one of these awesome parks?


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