ToddlerWhere To Bring Your 1-Year Old In Singapore: 10 Fun Ideas!

Where To Bring Your 1-Year Old In Singapore: 10 Fun Ideas!

If you’re a new parent and wondering where to bring your 1-year old in Singapore, you’re in it for good news! Living in a country where parents are constantly on the lookout for how they can maximise their child’s developmental capacities, here’s a list of places which provide robust activities for your 1-year old to grow healthily!

1. Baby spa and massage

Credit: BabySPA

Want to pamper your baby with a spa and massage? While it may seem bizarre that there are these services catered for your 12-month old baby, you might be pleasantly surprised to find a slew of services targeted at them. Known for its developmental benefits, here’s a list of baby spa places you can check out to take your kid along for a soothing time!

Psst… Many of these spa services also offer massages for parents. There’s no reason not to treat yourself as well!

2. Swimming lessons

Credit: AquaBambinos

Swimming lessons for babies and toddlers are no longer a new concept for parents. With parent-child bonding classes, this is an opportune time to be there for your 1-year old as they traverse in new environments. Whether it’s learning to thread in water, mustering some water confidence or having some fun splashy time with props in the pool, this is a great time to witness your child stepping out of their comfort zones.

3. Creative Hearts – Music Workshops

Credit: Creative Hearts SG

With a series of musical workshops targeted at babies of different age groups, Creative Hearts offers affordable trial classes for babies aged anywhere from 0 months to 5 years old for their Early Childhood Music and Movement programme. Here, you can expect to engage with songs, dance and movement games alongside your kid. Some workshops also come in handy with musical instruments such as a triangle, rhythm sticks and shakers. Time to get your groove on!

4. Baby Lapsit

Credit: National Library Board

Beneficial for the early developmental stage, reading for kids expands their understanding for concepts such as shapes, colours and numbers! Baby Lapsit is an initiative by National Library Board which aims to inculcate good reading and communicative habits for young kids. With frequent events held across different national libraries, here’s where you can keep a look out for these free storytelling sessions.

5. Pororo Park

Credit: Pororo Park SG

Suitable for kids aged 1 to 6 years old, Pororo Park is an indoor, air-conditioned themed park with a variety of attractions to keep your kiddos occupied. Here’s where your kid can frolic around in the ball pool and take the mini slide in the toddler area. There are also other attractions such as the merry-go-round and jungle gym to keep them further entertained – of course, under the close supervision of parents.

6. The Art Ground

Credit: The Art Ground

With a series of weekend workshops available for parent and child to spend their day at, you’d be happy to hear that many of these are free! For your 12-month old bub, you can check out programmes such as the musical Baby Beat session, Bitesize Lil Creatures musical play, as well as Painter’s Waltz multi-sensory dance – just to name a few.

7. Photoshoot Studios

Credit: Studio Kino Ku

If you’re the type to commemorate significant milestones, perhaps it will be a fun idea to check out these newborn and baby studios. Whether you prefer a studio shoot with cosy backdrops or having your shots taken from the comforts of home, all you’ve got to do is get dressed and look snazzy for a couple of photos! Definitely moments to look back on a decade (or two) later.

8. Amazonia Family Fun Centre

Credit: Amazonia Fun

Looking for an active day out of fun and bounce? Amazonia Family Fun Centre may be the answer to this Sunday’s activity. With a dedicated soft play area for toddlers and babies, this zone is fully furnished with play panels, a ball pit, mini slide and swings – a great place for your inquisitive 1-year old to explore their sensory curiosities in a safe manner.

9. Head to the Parks and Playgrounds: Hort Park, Changi Bay, Kranji Coastal Nature Park, etc.

Credit: National Parks Board

As they say – the best things in life are free! From East to the West, there are a couple of pretty cool spots you might want to check out with your little family this weekend. Whether it is taking a leisure stroll along Hort Park and checking out the lush flora it has to offer, or the newly-opened Jeju-inspired Changi Bay, here is a rundown of the best green spaces across the island.

10. Wet Water Play Areas

Credit: Singapore Sports Hub

Cool off the tropical heat this sunny day by getting into the splash zone! While playgrounds might be fun, nothing gets better with a wet water play area. With most water play areas being located on the rooftop of malls, be sure to check out some of these at Tampines 1’s wildlife-themed rooftop, Splash-n-Surf at Singapore Sports Hub, Vivocity Sky Park or the SkyGarden at NEX. If you’re looking for somewhere more downtown, Marina Barrage and Gardens by the Bay also has their own rendition of a water play area!

We know it may be stressful to think about what activities might be suitable for your 1-year old – especially when having to keep safety at bay. This holistic list of activities provide a good diversity of lush greenery, developmental classes, and play time for your baby to have fun in safe spaces.


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