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7 Best Restaurants For CNY Reunion Dinner 2022 In Singapore

Chinese New Year 2022 is just around the corner, and for most Chinese households, this means planning ahead for CNY reunion dinner 2022! With dine-out restrictions still capped at 5 pax per table, CNY reunion dinner 2022 will continue to be a small-scale affair. However, we still expect some of the popular restaurants to be fully booked – so make sure you place your reservations early to get a table for your family.

Here are 9 suggestions for your CNY reunion dinner 2022, where we’re sure your family (or friends) can enjoy a sumptuous feast to usher in the new year!

Crystal Jade

Credit: Crystal Jade Singapore

Crystal Jade is a Singaporean favourite for delicious Chinese cuisine. If your family loves Crystal Jade, you’ll be happy to know that for CNY 2022, Crystal Jade will be having pretty significant discounts if you’re a Jadeite member. You can also enjoy discounts if you’re a UOB or CITI cardholder.

Jadeite member discount: 20% off until 10 Jan 2022. 10% off from 11 Jan – 15 Feb 2022.

CITI& UOB cardholder discount: 10% off until 10 Jan 2022. 5% off from 11 Jan – 15 Feb 2022.

Crystal Jade will be offering 4 different set menus for 5 pax, ranging from $638 to $1,388. If you’re reunion dinner will be less than 5 pax, they’re also offering 2 different individual set menus (minimum 2 pax) for $138 or $198 per pax.

If you’re going to have your CNY reunion dinner 2022 at Crystal Jade, some items that stand out are the Iberico Pork Char Siew With Honey and Braised Ee-Fu Noodles With Lobster in some of their menus.

Click here to check out the Crystal Jade CNY 2022 menu!

Cherry Garden At Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Credit: Cherry Garden At Mandarin Oriental, Singapore Facebook Page

If you’re looking for quality Cantonese cuisine for your CNY reunion dinner 2022, then Cherry Garden will be a great option for you! Not only is the food good, but the beautiful interior of Cherry Garden, designed to look like an oriental palace – will surely make your CNY reunion dinner a memorable one.

As some Chinese will have a vegetarian meal during CNY, Cherry Garden has thoughtfully prepared a vegetarian menu too. They also have different menus for groups of 5, or smaller groups (minimum 2 pax).

For Cherry Garden’s individual set menus, they are priced at $168, $198, $218, $288 per pax, with a minimum of 2 pax.

For 5 pax, their set menu costs $168.

Their vegetarian menu costs $138/pax.

If you’re having your CNY reunion dinner 2022 at Cherry Garden, the Luxurious Pen Cai (loaded with abalone, lobster, scallop, roasted pork and many more) will definitely be a highlight for the 5 pax menu. All the menus serve Yu Sheng – the $288/pax ‘Wealth’ menu has a particularly luxe Yu Sheng, which contains caviar and truffle!

Click here to check out the Cherry Garden CNY 2022 menu!

Soup Restaurant

Credit: Soup Restaurant

Soup Restaurant is another family favourite for Chinese families to have their CNY reunion dinners. Soup Restaurant specializes in delicious Hong Kong-style soups, and elevating traditional home-cooked dishes. So if caviar and truffle Yu Sheng isn’t your thing, then Soup Restaurant’s CNY 2022 menu may be perfect for you and your family.

It’s also worth noting that there are currently some great promotions for Soup Restaurant’s CNY set menus. If you are an early bird (7 – 12 Jan 2022), you can enjoy a 20% discount. Otherwise, if you are a Citibank cardholder, you can enjoy a $10 discount.

If you’re looking to book a table for 2 pax, their set menu prices start from $118, making this one of the more affordable options available. However, their 5 pax set menu is also very affordable, starting from $348.

If you and your family prefer your CNY dishes to be more traditional, without all the fancy ingredients then we highly recommend Soup Restaurant. You’ll find simple and familiar but delicious dishes such as Samsui Ginger Chicken, Steamed Rice With Chinese Sausage and Braised Mushrooms and other dishes that even your older family members grew up eating.

If you’re looking for a takeaway option, Soup Restaurant also has a Reunion Takeaway menu for $388 ($10 discount for Citibank cardholders).

Click here to check out the Soup Restaurant CNY 2022 menu!

Jade Restaurant At The Fullerton Hotel

Credit: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

If you’re looking for a more posh dining experience, you can’t go wrong with Jade Restaurant at The Fullerton Hotel. Enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine with top-notch service, in a beautifully furnished restaurant that reflects the lustre of jade.

Surprisingly, Jade Restaurant’s prices are very affordable despite it being a a restaurant in the 5-star Fullerton Hotel. For individual set menus, the prices are: $98, $128, $158 and $228 per pax. Their family-style set menus are: $158 or $198 per pax, for 4-5 pax.

Jade Restaurant also has 2 vegetarian set menus, at $98 per pax.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable CNY dinner meal, consider adding on their Premium Braised Pen Cai which has South Africa abalones, fish maw, giant grouper, roast duck – among many other luxurious ingredients. To enjoy this special dish ($98/pax), you must have minimum of 5 pax and you must pre-order 1 day in advance.

Click here to check out Jade Restaurant’s CNY 2022 menu!


Credit: Putien Singapore

And now, back to an affordable option for your CNY Reunion Dinner 2022. Putien serves authentic Chinese cuisine, inspired by the delicious food in the Fujian province of China. While Putien’s dishes are more on the affordable end, they promise to always deliver on the quality of their food with a focus on only using fresh ingredients. With 5 One Michelin Stars under their belt, we believe them!

For CNY 2022, Putien is offering 2 different set menus which cater to 2, 4, 6 8 and 10 pax groups.

Here’s the price breakdown:

2 pax: $78++ or $128++

4 pax: $158++ or $238++

6 pax: $258++ or $358++

8 pax: $358++ or $518++

10 pax: $418++ or $628++

Similar to Soup Restaurant, Putien focuses keeping their dishes familiar and traditional – something which many seniors will appreciate. You’ll find classic favourites such as Longevity Noodles, Sea Cucumber Fish Maw Soup and Scallop & Asparagus in XO sauce.

Click here for Putien’s CNY 2022 menu!

藝 yì by Jereme Leung At Raffles Hotel

Credit: Raffles Hotel Singapore

If you’re looking for fine dining experience, 藝yì by Celebrity Chef Jereme Leung will be a fantastic choice for your CNY Reunion Dinner 2022. 藝yì is is ‘art’ in Mandarin, and the food you can expect to find here are classic Chinese cuisine elevated with modern techniques.

Just like the food, the restaurant itself is beautiful. If you’re looking for a posh dining experience in a smaller and quieter ambience then 藝yì by Jereme Leung will be a good choice. You’ll find 4 different set menus here, each with a minimum dine-in requirement of 2 pax. The prices for each set is: $168++ per pax, $188++ per pax, $208++ per pax and a vegetarian set at $168++ per pax.

You can expect to find dishes with luxe ingredients here, such as the Baked Green Asian Lobster With Crispy Garlic & Cheese, Honey Glazed Iberico Pork Char Siew and Steamed Jasmine Rice With Abalone Wrapped in Lotus Leaf.

If you’re planning on dining here, take note that the CNY 2022 sets will be available from 17 January 2022 to 15 February 2022.

Click here for 藝yì by Jereme Leung’s CNY 2022 menu!

Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant At Holiday Inn

Credit: Holiday Inn Singapore

Established since 1990, Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant has been serving fine Cantonese dishes for over 30 years. Xin Cuisine is located in Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium in the heart of Orchard Road.

Xin Cuisine probably has a very diverse set menu choice, catering to those who prefer more traditional takes on popular CNY dishes (which are usually more affordable) to those who prefer a more upscale dining experience with more fancy ingredients.

They have a Ballroom Banquet Set Menu for $538++ for 5 pax, and $848++ for 8 pax. For 31 January 2022 only, you get a 20% discount for this set menu!

Xin Cuisine also has a number of other set menus catering to different group sizes, and tastes.

2 pax set menu: $188++

4 pax set menu: $428++

5 pax set menu: $568++, $628++, $888++, $1998++

8 pax set menu: $1,428++, $3,998

You’ll notice that they have a wide range in pricing for their set menus and that’s because those that are more expensive come with dishes such as Inaniwa Udon Noodle With Live Lobster In Superior Pumpkin Soup, Whole Suckling Pig, and Sesame Crusted Tuna Yu Sheng.

Click here for Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant’s CNY 2022 menu!

These are 7 options for your CNY Reunion Dinner 2022, at different price ranges. Regardless of whether you’re celebrating Chinese New Year or not, we wish you lots of abundance and prosperity for the year of the tiger. And may your family be blessed with good health!

If you are dining out, do keep in mind the restrictions as well. Many restaurants have a set menu for 8 or even 10 pax, but that would mean that your family would have to split up. Or, for a more homely experience you can consider doing a hearty steamboat reunion at home as well. It’s definitely more affordable, and no less delicious. For a festive mood, maybe you can consider simply ordering a Yu Sheng for takeaway so that your family can toss (and shout) to your heart’s content from the comfort of home.

However you choose to celebrate CNY 2022, stay safe and stay healthy!


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