Toddler9 Affordable Christmas Dinner Delivery Platters In Singapore (From $12.25/pax!)

9 Affordable Christmas Dinner Delivery Platters In Singapore (From $12.25/pax!)

Are you thinking about planning a Christmas dinner this year for the family? If so, you should definitely consider the idea of an affordable Christmas dinner delivery in Singapore! While there are plenty of fancy Christmas dinner delivery options from hotels and high-class restaurants, there’s really nothing wrong with looking for more affordable options. After all, an affordable Christmas feast can be just as yummy and festive!

We’ve taken the time to compile some of our favourite places to for an affordable Christmas dinner delivery in Singapore. Just keep in mind that because these cost less, most of them won’t include expensive items such as turkey – and instead serve roast chicken instead. So with that out of the way, let’s dive straight into it: here are 9 places to order an affordable Christmas dinner delivery in Singapore!

Where to order from:Price:Serves:Price/pax:Delivery Fee:
Grain$121.453-5 pax$24.29-$40.48/pax$25
The Plattering Co.$1806-8 pax$22.50-$30/pax$15
COLLIN’S$1384-6 pax$23-$34.50/pax$20
Swensen’s$1384-6 pax$23-$34.50/pax $16.05
Chico Loco$1554-5 pax$31-$38.75/pax$12
Poulet$90.953-4 pax$22.74-$30.32/pax$10
Kemono$803-5 pax$16-$26.67/pax$9
Han’s$986-8 pax$12.25-$16.33$40
Sarnies$552-3 pax$18.33-$27.50Free Above $45

Grain ($24.29-$40.48/pax) – Order before 10 Dec to get a complementary Lychee Yule Log Cake!

Credit: Grain (Image not representative of Christmas Party Set)

I knew about Grain when my company ordered their Christmas feast 3 years ago for our company Christmas dinner. We were so impressed that we ordered from them again for another company Christmas dinner! Grain specializes in delivering healthy and tasty food – and if you’re thinking about sloppy, messy food served in big containers then you’ve probably not ordered from them before.

Their food is delicious, and they take time to make sure the presentation is good. So even if you’re ordering-in for friends and family, they’re sure to be impressed. Their Christmas Party Set for 3-5 is priced at $121.45 and it’s an impressive 6-course meal. For 5 pax, that amounts to $24.29/pax. For a typical family of 4, you will definitely have more than enough to eat.

If you’re looking for a larger feast, they also have a 7-course for up to 8 pax, priced at $224.25 (after GST).

The Christmas Party Set for up to 6 pax has items that sound like they came out of a fine-dining restaurant. Here’s what’s on the menu:

  • Dill Yogurt Seafood Salad
  • Mrs Santa’s Irresistible Pasta
  • Triple Citrus Salmon Parcel
  • Duck Leg Confit
  • Smoked Mesquite Whole Chicken with No.9 Piri-piri sauce
  • Ornamental Roasted Brussel Sprouts
  • Luscious Red Velvet Cake
  • Lychee Yule Log Cake (Order before 10 Dec to get this for free!)

Delivery fee is $25.

Order from Grain here!

The Plattering Co. ($22.50-$30/pax) – Christmas Platter already fully booked for deliveries between 24-25 Dec!

Credit: The Plattering Co.

The Plattering Co. is another favourite of ours – we’ve ordered from them before so we can vouch for the quality of their food! When you order from The Plattering Co. you can expect the presentation of the food to be top-notch. Which is great because nobody wants to be in an embarrassing situation where the Christmas dinner delivery arrives and it’s all a mess.

While their food is delicious and looks good, something great about The Plattering Co. is that there’s a ton of add-ons that you can choose from to cater to your family’s tastes. For example, you can simply add on a plate of gourmet sausages for just $22, or roasted vegetables for just $12. However, what we want to recommend is their Christmas Sharing Platter Feast with Festive Log Cake.

It’s priced at $180, and serves 6-8 pax so that’s only $22.50-$30/pax. If you’re not fancying their main which is the Shepherd’s Pie Platter (comes with roasted vegetables & sausages) you can pay a little more to swap it out for ribs, salmon or a roast beef platter. If you’re fine with the Shepherd’s Pie Platter, here’s what you get from their Christmas platter:

  • Shepherd’s Pie Platter
  • Seasonal Roasted Vegetables & Sausages
  • Vegetarian Bucatini
  • Gianduja Yuzu Crémeux Yule Log Cake

Delivery fee is $15.

Order from The Plattering Co. here!

COLLIN’S ($23-$34.50/pax) – A Feast For Meat-Lovers, Plus Enjoy A $20 Dining Voucher!

Credit: COLLIN’S

COLLIN’S serves good Western cuisine at affordable prices, and since they opened in 2012 they’ve been a hit – both kids and adults enjoy their food. I especially enjoy their BBQ ribs and signature chicken chop! If you’ve dined at their restaurants before – especially with your kids, then you’d know that their food will definitely be enjoyed even by fussy eaters.

We’re looking at their Festive Feast Combo, specifically the one called ‘Combo C’. Yes, they could have come up with a more creative name but Festive Feast Combo C caught our attention for a few good reasons. It’s very affordably priced at $138, and serves 4-6 pax. That amounts to only $23-$34.50/pax. That’s very, very reasonable!

But here’s what we really like about the Festive Feast Combo C: it’s a feast that’s designed to please meat-lovers. You’ll get a whole roast chicken, honey-glazed ham AND a shepherd’s pie. Plus, a hearty serving of roasted sweet potato. Definitely a treat for kids (and adults) that can’t stand leafy greens.

You also get a $20 COLLIN’S® Dining Voucher which is a really nice bonus!

– Classic Herb-Marinated Roast Chicken with Mushroom Herb Sauce (2.2kg*)

– Traditional Honey Glazed Ham with Apple Sauce (1kg*)

– Good Ol’ Shepherd’s Pie with Ground Beef (3kg*)

– Medley of Roasted Sweet Potato (1.5kg*)

– $20 COLLIN’S® Dining Voucher

Delivery fee is $20.

Order from COLLIN’S here!

Swensen’s ($23-$34.50/pax) – A Customizable Christmas Platter To Suit All Tastes

Credit: Swensen’s Facebook Page

Swensen’s is one of those rare restaurants in Singapore that even parents today grew up with. Family meals at Swensen’s are always a treat, with their wide selection of casual Western food and their even wider selection of ice cream flavours that kids love.

Everyone is familiar with Swensen’s so we won’t go into detail about the franchise itself. However, let’s talk about their Christmas platter, called ‘Gather Giftmas Parcel’. It’s the same price as the meat-heavy COLLIN’S Combo C, but it has more variety and you get a cake as part of the set so it feels like a more ‘balanced’ platter. The Gather Giftmas parcel costs $138, and feeds 4-6 pax so that’s $23-$34.50/pax.

Many of the items in the Gather Giftmas Parcel can be swapped out for other dishes with no additional cost, so it’s much easier to cater to your family’s preferences. If you’re feeding a larger group, they have other sets for 6-8 pax and 8-12 pax as well. But, let’s zoom-in on the Gather Giftmas Parcel for 4-6 pax which includes:

  • 1 x Herb Roast Chicken or Honey Glazed Chicken Ham
  • 1 x Meat Platter
  • 1 x Christmas Fruit Salad or Herb Roasted Vegetable or Truffle Roast U.S. Potatoes
  • 1 x Mushroom Bread Pudding or Impossible™️ Meatball Pasta or Carbonara Baked Macaroni
  • 1 x Let It Snow or Midnight Yule

Delivery fee is $16.05.

Order from Swensen’s here!

Chico Loco ($31-$38.75/pax) – Customizable Christmas Platter With Mexican Flavours

Credit: Chico Loco

Chico Loco is located in the hip area of Amoy Street, and they serve up some really delicious roast chicken. They specialize in Mexican fare, so you can expect their Christmas platter to have items esquites (Mexican street corn) or nachos. When you order from Chico Loco, you can expect bold flavours. These guys are awesome with their spices and seasoning – and that’s what a hearty Christmas meal should be all about. But, don’t worry if you have young children – their platter is very customizable and you can easily pick items that will cater to them.

We’re looking at their ‘Loco Mexmas Dinner’ which is $155 and serves 4-5pax. This means that you’ll be paying about $31-$38.75/pax. A little bit more expensive, but for the quality of the food and something a little different from your traditional Christmas dinners, it’s worth it.

Instead of a fixed set, what we love about their Christmas platter is that you can pick and choose the main and sides that you want. Here’s what you’ll get from their Loco Mexmas Dinner:

Main (Choose 1)

  • Smoked Maple Agave Gammon Ham
  • Ancho Roast Beef Striploin
  • Chico Rotisserie Lamb Leg
  • 2x Chico Rotisserie Chicken
  • Traditional Herb-Marinated Turkey (+$15)

Sides (Choose 3)

  • Traditional Turkey Stuffing
  • Esquites
  • Chipotle BBQ Roasted Pumpkin
  • Chico Chicken Multigrain Rice
  • Roasted Brussel Sprouts
  • Potato Salad
  • Chips & Guacamole
  • Chico Slaw
  • Macaroni & Cheese

Delivery fee is $12.

Order from Chico Loco here!

Poulet ($22.74-$30.32/pax) – Hearty Christmas Feast With French Roast Chicken

Credit: Poulet

Everyone in Singapore is familiar with Poulet, which serves tender French roast chicken in a variety of mouth-watering sauces and gravy. Poulet prides itself for serving chickens which are roasted daily, so you can be assured that your Christmas feast from Poulet will be freshly-cooked. Poulet is also halal-certified!

For Christmas, Poulet is has 2 Christmas bundles available and both bundles include their signature French roast chicken. We’ll be looking at their more affordable option called “Family Combo A” which serves 3-4 pax. This combo costs $90.95 which amounts to $22.74-$30.32/pax. For Christmas, you can consider choosing their cranberry sauce – though their other 2 sauces are equally yummy too. Here’s what Poulet’s Family Combo A comes with:

  • Whole Roast Chicken with Choice of Sauce
  • Truffle Shoestring Fries
  • Salad de Paris
  • Glazed Winglet with Choice of Sauce (6pcs)
  • Beef Meatball with Choice of Sauce (6pcs)
  • Choice of 2 Sides (French onion rice, shoestring fries, mashed potato, mac & cheese, sautéed butter corn, baked beans, small aglio olio, potato wedges, mixed salad, sautéed mushrooms)
  • 4 Homemade Brazilian Lemonade

Delivery fee is $10.

Order from Poulet here!

Kemono ($16-$26.67/pax) – Super Affordable Christmas Feast With Japanese Roast Chicken

Credit: Kemono

Kemono may seem like a strange choice to include on this list given that they aren’t actually a restaurant – but we do believe that their Christmas platter will be fantastic. Kemono is known for their Japanese roast chicken, and they use a special slow-roasting technique which claims to make the chicken healthier and juicier. If you’re particular about where your food is sourced from, you’ll be happy to know that Kemono’s chickens are reared cage-free and antibiotic-free!

Kemono’s Christmas platter is called “Kemono Xmas Deluxe Set” and it’s priced at only $80! This serves 3-5 pax so that amounts to $16-$26.67/pax. This makes it an extremely affordable Christmas dinner delivery in Singapore – and it’s definitely a steal. Do take note that you aren’t getting a huge variety of items from their Christmas platter, so if you’re serving 4 pax or more we do recommend getting more items for a more festive feast. Here’s what you’ll get in Kemono’s Xmas Deluxe Set:

  • Whole Organic Roast Chicken
  • Grilled Striploin in Mushroom Truffle
  • 2x Mushroom Pies
  • 2x Mashed Potatoes

Delivery fee is $9.

Order from Kemono here!

Han’s ($12.25-$16.33/pax) – Crazy Value But Expensive Delivery Fee – Best For Takeaway

Credit: Han’s Singapore

Han’s is another one of those restaurants that we grew up with, and till today they continue serving food that families love. Whether you’re looking for Western cuisine or local cuisine, you’ll find them at Han’s. Han’s has always kept their food prices affordable and reasonable, so you’ll find that their Christmas platter is also one of the most affordable options in this list. BUT keep in mind that their delivery fee is a whopping $40. With the delivery fee in mind, this is still an affordable Christmas dinner delivery in Singapore – but because there are so many Han’s outlets in Singapore, you should opt for self-collection instead.

Take note that Han’s has 3 Christmas platters this year, but because this list is about affordable Christmas dinner deliveries, we’ll be focusing on their “Christmas Bundle Set C”. Priced at $98, Han’s states that this is suitable for 6-8 pax. Meaning, this is only $12.25-$16.33/pax! Here’s what you’re getting from their Christmas Bundle Set C:

  • Roasted Chicken with Chestnut Stuffing
  • 15cm Log Cake (Black Forest / Chocolate Truffle)
  • Mac & Cheese with Ham Mornay
  • Chicken Lasagna (warm)

Delivery fee is $40.

Order from Han’s here!

Sarnies ($18.33-$27.50/pax) – Perfect For Smaller Families, Plus Free Delivery With Their Family Meal Bundle!

Credit: Sarnies Singapore

Sarnies is popular café located in Telok Ayer, and their freshly roasted coffee and massive sandwiches are to die for. They serve Aussie-style food, which helps explain why their portions are hearty, filling and packed with flavour. But, you’re not here for a café review – Sarnies is also serving an affordable Christmas dinner delivery which we must say looks drool-worthy.

Their “Family Meal Bundle’ serves 2-3pax (though we think you’ll need 2 big eaters) which makes it perfect for smaller families. Priced at $55, this amounts to $18.33-$27.50/pax. What we really like about Sarnies’ Family Meal Bundle is that all the items look exactly like you’d imagine a Christmas dinner to look like – with roast Chicken, ham, potatoes and stuffing. Here’s everything you’ll get from Sarnies’ Family Meal Bundle:

  • House-made Gammon Ham (300g)
  • Fennel Roasted Bird (400g) with Pan Gravy
  • Smashed Baby Potatoes
  • Brussels Sprouts & Fried Capers
  • Sourdough Chestnut Stuffing

Delivery fee is free for orders above $45.

Order from Sarnies here!

Enjoy These Christmas Feasts Delivered Straight To Your Doorstep, But Remember To Order Early!

We hope you found this list of affordable Christmas dinner delivery options useful! It’s definitely important to give the family a treat for a festive Christmas, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to place extra stress on your wallet. If you’re planning on getting your Christmas feast delivered, make sure that you check for delivery dates, and how much time in advance you need to place your order. Some restaurants are already fully booked on deliveries on certain days, so do plan ahead.

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